Calvin Klein #mycalvins Campaign

Calvin Klein is back with the #mycalvins advertisement campaign to shake the world of social media. Calvin Klein is the brand from the 1990s, when it was cool to wear a denim shirt and a denim jacket. The 1990s were stuck between the 1980s and the 2000s, and they always remind me of catastrophic fashion trends. Calvin Klein is one of them, but not one of the catastrophic ones, one of the cool ones!

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Calvin Klein was a very cool and premium brand. It was a brand that everyone wanted to own. As I grew up, Calvin Klein dramatically vanished from our lives. Lots of new brands emerged because people were bored with the 1990s style and its brands. So Calvin Klein, like Lacoste and the others, became an article on Buzz Feed’s 1990s fashion trends.

Now Calvin Klein is coming back with a very aggressive and sexy campaign like that in 1990s. During those years, its advertisements really pushed the boundaries. However, nowadays, Calvin Klein’s advertisements have become very conservative when compared with the photos on Instagram and Snapchat.

Despite this, Calvin Klein is releasing a new campaign called #mycalvins. Here are the photos.

Calvin Klein #mycalvins 31 Calvin Klein #mycalvins 30 Calvin Klein #mycalvins 29 Calvin Klein #mycalvins 28 Calvin Klein #mycalvins 27 Calvin Klein #mycalvins 26 Calvin Klein #mycalvins 25 Calvin Klein #mycalvins 24 Calvin Klein #mycalvins 23 Calvin Klein #mycalvins 22

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New Mercedes SL Catalogue Shooting

Today I want to share with you the backstage of new Mercedes SL’s catalogue shootings. In previous years, car manufacturers never released the back stage of catalogue shootings, however nowadays cars turn into a fashion item more than a transportation instruments or symbol of status. The engagement of fashion definitely increases the awareness and also attracts new customers who were not interested before.
Fashion engagement is to alter the image of the brand and the car. During the years, Mercedes sponsored Fashion Shows and introduced their cars like a fashion item. This would definitely improve the brand image and diminish the adverse notions previous associated with the car. When a car is associated with fashion people perceive it in a different way, in addition this changes the target audiences as well. Some of the previous customers may find to less muscular for them! Sometimes this change is necessary to improve the brand image!
And interestingly, Mercedes did not place a fully loaded SL! There is not a distronic plus radar in front of the SL. How I know it? If there is a distronic plus radar present in the SL, the Mercedes logo will not have the holes, instead it will be a glossy plastic. 
Model is Lara Stone and collection is from Calvin Klein.
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