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Since I know myself, I always interested in cars. In old days, it was quite impossible to some unique or rare cars. You need to wait for the magazine and contended with the low quality photos. Hopefully, internet became a part of our lives and I was happy to see more cars thanks to this enormous network of information. Unfortunately, there were too much information and it was nearly impossible to find what you want!
So, I decided to open a blog to share photos of cars, the ones you saw on the streets! Especially the unique and the rare ones! By doing this, you will share the enjoyment of that moment with other people. Unlike this blog, my new blog’s writers are you! I will upload cars photos that you will send to me! This will be a new environment to share the moments and a place to find the most unique cars very easily without dealing with complicated websites!

Copyright Infringement

Unfortunately, I do no have any other chance than publishing this post. 
I started to write this blog on 18th December, 2009. Since that time, I published 567 different posts based on my creative work.
However, some people think that, copying the whole content of a blog is something very easy and nobody will ever notice! Unfortunately, I noticed it!
There are two blogs constantly copying my content and publishing on their blogs. However, thanks to Google’s state of art indexing engine, they don’t appear on Google search results. I am not going to publish their links to increase their traffic. 
I do hope that, their automatic copy paste application is going to publish this post also.
StatCounter shows IP address, location and other details of these people, who are copying my works. Also they are accepted as evidence!

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Techincal Problem

Due to a technical problem, I removed today’s post. It will be resubmitted later.

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What is Blogging?

I have been writing this blog for more than one year. And sometimes it is quite hard to describe a blog to someone, who has nobody idea about blogging. Hopefully, Google made a small footage to explain what is blogging :)

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Blogger Sudden Maintenance

Since last night Blogger was under maintenance, more than it was expected. So, I could not post for today. And one my post is lost during the process. They are saying, it will come back! And interestingly nothing has changed in Blogger. Probably, they were planing to change the interface but everything messed up.

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Copy and Paste! Fake Blogging

I have recently discovered that, some very genius people copy my whole blog. And these very cleaver people publish my posts like their posts!
The ones I have detected are probably done by Java applications or by some others applications. 
If you are reading this post in a blog, which does not seems to be proper or professional; please check the web address. It should be unless, it is fake!

Facebook page of Cars & Life

I know I should have done this earlier, I think it is the time for it.
You can add my blog’s Facebook page by just clicking “Add to my page’s favourite” and you will be able to receive each new post on your Facebook page :)

My Blog is One Year Old

Yesterday was the first year of my blog. Exactly one year ago, suddenly I started a blog about car and life. Actually I was thinking about this for long time but I received main encouragement from Alan Mitchell. I met him Nottingham around two years ago and he advised me to express my ideas on a blog. And I did it!
In one year time, I received 8200 visitors from 115 different countries. With a basic mathematics, my blog was read by nearly sixty percentage of the world. I think this is not a bad number for a car blog. Another fact on my blog is the number page views; 8200 visitors read 13468 pages! And I would like to thank my reader from Google Inc for reading my blog nearly eight hours. I think he left the browser open for “very” long time. Unless, he/she knows my blog better than I do :)
How many posts did I make? 407.
I would like to thank everyone who tweet my blog on twitter and placed my blog as a link in forums. Also I would like to thank Mercedes-Benz for their ambition on research & development and for their interesting product :) I am sorry to pulling your leg all the time but your cars are excellent in terms of technology. Moreover, I would like to thank Land Rover PR team for their kindness. Unfortunately I still did not see a real Evoque yet :)

Endless show: Fast & Furious

I was thinking the Fast and Furious nightmare was ended but I was wrong! Honestly, I have never liked any Fast & Furious movies. Okay, the first was nice and they should have finished there but the Fast & Furious turned into a black hole. I mean Fast & Furious turned into an endless loop. Fast Five is the fifth version of Fast & Furious. You can guess the scenario! There are lots of heavily modified, unknown cars. They running from someone, they are carrying something and drivers are shouting. Lots of dull 3D effects and etc, etc.
There is one thing is more boring that a Toyota is Fast & Furious! And I have a suggestion for next movie. As you know that, environmental cars became more popular and especially in US. For the six movie they should name is Slow & Calm, and they should place heavily modified hybrid cars :)

How to write a car blog?

Many people are asking how long it takes to write an article in my blog. And I always say, it doesn’t take more than half an hour but their face shows that they are not satisfied with the answer. For this reason, I took a video of yesterday’s post and upload on YouTube. The original video is 7 minutes and 26 seconds long but it is too long and too boring and I converted it to sixteen times faster frame rate and it became 26 28 seconds :)