Jaguar F-Type #YourTurnBritain vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee Manifesto | No Comment

Jaguar recently introduced the F-Type advertisement campaign called #YourTurnBritain. I am not going to make any comments about this, instead I placed the Jeep’s 2010 advertisement from USA. 
This article is not about cars or brands, it is about two different campaign in two different nations with totally different sociological backgrounds. And try to remember the year 2010 while Jeep was struggling to recover from a huge downfall. Jeep had to recover the sales figures. Thus, you will understand the Jeep Grand Cherokee advertisement’s context. 
However, Jaguar created a campaign with a similar context with Jeep! 
Both Jaguar and Jeep are iconic automotive brands, in order to survive in this environment the solution is innovative engineering. Attention to details always wins!

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New Jeep Cherokee 2014: Designed by Aliens

New Jeep Cherokee 2014; the most interesting car of this year. Why? Because new Jeep Cherokee was designed by Aliens. Why I say this? When you look at the front of the new Jeep Cherokee, you can clearly see a very thin line of headlight inspired by Aliens face, which we see on Men In Black movies. I know this sound really idiotic but I ran out of words to describe new Jeep Cherokee.
Actually I cannot justify the headlights of new Jeep Cherokee. They all look weird and probably impossible to differentiate their functions. And I really don’t like to say this to any vehicle but Jeep Cherokee does not look charming!

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