Smartwatch | Nissan Nismo vs. Pebble, Apple iWatch, Sony, Samsung

Nissan Nismo smart watch is something really extraordinary for automotive industry. Due to heritage of the automotive business, they love to introduce digital technology after half a decade later. We still don’t have HD cameras on cars! Or the board computer interface is like first generation of IOS. Automotive companies are very good making thing from metal and create combustion inside chambers. However, smartwatch business is something extraordinary and slippery. 
Smartwatch business became popular with Pebble watch on Kickstarter website and managed to generate $10-million in less than a month. However, Pebble is pretty slow at manufacturing. After the Pebble, Sony introduced a smart watch, Samsung introduced a smart watch literally with no battery life and we were expecting to see iWatch but not yet. 
So the smartwatch business will be the hot topic of future and will be ignored by automotive companies because what is the point. Actually, there is a very solid point. Cars are gadgets, people are not looking forward to smell burning clutch or use manual gearbox in a start-stop traffic for three hours. People want to have the same comfort and innovation on cars similar to their iPhone. 
And Nissan got the point! They created a concept smartwatch called Nismo. It is a great gadget. It collects the data from your car and packs them in a very beautiful way. And there are lots of opportunities for smart watches to engage with cars. Such as; service interval, fuel level, where you parked and more. However, will you buy a Nissan watch? No! Will you buy a Ferrari smartwatch? May be. Will you buy a Porsche Design smartwatch? More than may be. Will you buy an iWatch from Apple? Definitely yes!
So there are two ways for car companies. They either make their own smart watch and create a dedicated team to develop that gadget to keep with Apple and Samsung, or offer apps for smart watches! My personal opinion, wearable car brand has a very limited scope and cannot compete with Apple or Samsung. I really will not fancy to wear a Range Rover watch. Range Rover is a watch brand or technology brand. It is a luxury off road vehicle brand. However, I wouldn’t say no to Range Rover app on my iWatch or Pebble. However, if Porsche Design makes a smart watch, there might be some potential. Because, Porsche Design makes watches already.
Literally, car companies should focus on smartwatch apps. I know many people will say, this article is senseless, waste of time to read, smart watch app never offers the same feeling like driving a Honda S2000 and this goes forever. However, world has changed! Yes, there are still people, who love to burn clutch whilst making a donut with a Honda S2000 but it is minority. Otherwise, how Pebble can make $10-million? And I am sure that some of the investors of Pebble have a car!
However, I really appreciated the innovative product of Nissan, well done :)

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