TAG Heuer at Autosport International 2016

At Autosport International 2016 in NEC, Birmingham, there was an outstanding brand, Tag Heuer! It is nearly impossible to dissemble the Tag Heuer from motorsports, even though Rolex is the official time keeper for Formula 1. Despite this ugly truth, Tag Heuer is still very heavily working with the motorsport.

This year, I had the chance to visit their stand at Autosport and experience their heritage chronometers. Unfortunately, they are not used anymore. Today’s technology can calculate each lap more accurately than the traditional chronometers. It was still good to see how time keeping has evolved in motorsports.

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TAG Heuer Meridiist, Don’t Drive and Text !

TAG Heuer is one of the most magnificient watch brand on earth. If you are car lover and if you don’t love TAG Heuer Monaco; you either have no idea what that is or you don’t love cars! Nothing on earth can replace the place of Monaco :) Its unique character and being part of motoring world created this unique essence. Of course, TAG Heuer is not only Monaco, the Carrera, SLR Calibre and many other hand made watches are beyond the word of watch. Every unique model of TAG Heuer reflects a unique identity and targets different customer range and people who are buying each model are looking for something different.
Recently TAG Heuer introduced a mobile phone called Meridiist. It has the same unique identity like watches. Hand made with perfection of ultimate production, every button fits on this phone is made so precisely you have the same feeling like a handmade watch. Meridiist is one the best luxury mobile phone which can be purchased.
However I have found something really shocking! The teaser on Meridiist’s website is showing a man texting while driving. Yes, I found the same video clip on YouTube and the man is driving Mercedes McLaren SLR and while driving he is texting with Meridiist. As far as I know, driving and texting or talking is strictly forbidding anywhere on earth and TAG Heuer is playing a video which is showing texting and driving. I am pretty sure that, they have missed this point unless they will not place this video on internet.
You can understand this on picture below and please watch the time frame 0:55 and you will notice it.
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Proper Car Watch?

A watch is complementary of a luxury car. I am not making this suggestion, you can find this clue in Brand Management books. Also nobody denies this ;) As you cannot carry your car to a restaurant or a club or sport centre, you could carry your watch to show what you have outside ;)
Panerai, Jaeger-LeCoultre, TAG Heuer and Breitling share something in common. They all produce watches for cars brands. Panerai offers Ferrari, Jaeger-LeCoultre offers Aston Martin, TAG Heuer offers SLR and Breitling offers Breitling for Bentley watches. Most of them have some design inspirations from the car brand which they offer and some of them just reflect their price and luxury.
The point which I cannot understand or I should say; I am expecting to see is a reflection of that car in that watch. For example; when we look at Breitling for Bentley we cannot see a serious very significant different from other Breitlings. Watch experts could say the differences, but at least the number or dials should be same with Mulsane or Continental GT. There should be more than a small Bentley label in that watch. TAG Heuer is better but still, it is not reflecting the SLR properly. Panerai’s Ferrari collection has Ferrari design inspiration and similar number which are used on Ferrari cars. That is very nice, I really wish to carry some Ferrari in my watch which could diversify the watch from the other Panerais. I kept the best bit in the end; Jaeger-LeCoultre is also official Aston Martin watch and does not have any Aston Martin style design in that watch. AMVOX2 DBS Transponder model which has very bad model name AMVOX2. Just imagine, you are talking with your friend; “I bought a new watch, what is it? Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2, what ?” Of course this conversation will end up with “what”. Model name is terrible! But the watch has something very interesting. Like James Bond, you just touch a button and your Aston Martin DBS’s doors open and close ;) That’s what a call a proper car watch :)

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