On weekend Hyundai announced on TV about their sales target for their premium model Genesis in Turkey. This car is quite popular in US and in US and in US, won lots of awards and frankly the equipment is not that bad. And Hyundai’s target for Turkey is 150 Genesis. Unlike US, this car costs fortune; € 100,000 !!!
So you will say, Mercedes is too classic, BMW is too snoppish, Audi what’s that, VW that’s Audi’s father and you will depressed without any other alternative and desperate motivated to buy a Genesis; and Hyundai thinks that there 150 people like this in Turkey.
Even 150 people are ready buy Mercedes priced Hyundia; I would like to suggest something, Genesis has 3,8lt petrol engine, not diesel !!! For that price you can easily buy Mercedes E250 CDi with a lot of technological gadget which will take 6 months to understand each of them. Why should anyone buy a Hyundia Geneis with 3,8lt petrol engine and pay enourmous amount yearly tax? I really wonder.
Of course people will go and buy Mercedes E220 CDi, BMW 520d or Audi A6 2,0 TDi; okay some people will buy petrol engine cars. But Hyundia’s prediction for Genesis is like expecting to call down the global warming by fan !!!
Sorry but if the brand is not emerged as luxury, it does not have competitive advantage in luxury segments. Even the VW Phaëton is struggling to sale, how could Geneis achieve that target ?