Salon Privé Chelsea, London 2023

I attended Salon Privé this year and was worried I would be late, but my timing was perfect – I arrived just after the rain. Although the show was a bit wet, it didn’t stop people from attending.

The most iconic cars of this year’s event were the Ferrari F40 and F50. I have to admit, I am a bit biased towards these cars because they are rare and very hard to come by. Not only are the F40 and F50 limited in numbers, but they are also difficult to drive.

Like the previous year, I visited Anna-Louise Felstead’s stand, and as always, she had amazing paintings.

Ferrari introduced the soft-top version of the Ferrari Roma by HR Owen, called the Roma Spider. The final version of the Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate was also on display, marking the end of an era for V12 Aston Martins (except for the SUV).

Anyway, there were so many cars at the event. Salon Privé is the best car show in London, and you shouldn’t miss it next year.


Hyundai IONIC 5 Worth It?

I’ve never thought to cover the Hyundai brand on my blog before. However, many things have changed at Hyundai, especially its transition from an inferior car company to a competitive EV brand.

To be fair, though, Hyundai doesn’t create dream cars that many people want to own or drive. Their products have been excellent and logical for a long time, but they’ve never been ground-breaking until now.

The Ioniq 5 is a ground-breaking, premium electric car. And interestingly, it offers better features than the VW ID family.

Hyundai’s latest EV entry is available in either a rear-wheel drive setup or all-wheel drive (AWD). I would highly recommend the AWD setup because electric motors deliver their maximum torque at any RPM. So, it’s better to get an AWD setup to benefit from the power. In addition, interior build quality and features are substantially better than the VW ID.

Suppose you’re going to order a top-spec Ioniq 5, ticking all the boxes: eco pack, tech pack, and V2L pack. Maybe even a solid colour pack? But a solid colour pack isn’t a necessity like the other packs.

Long story short, Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a premium electric car. Unlike its competitors, including VW, Audi, and even Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai didn’t cut corners with the luxury aspect in this segment.

Regarding the electric range, this is perhaps the most crucial and annoying thing! It ranges from 383 km (238 miles) to 478 km (298 miles). Two electric motors are placed on both the front and rear axles (AWD version), delivering 305 HP of power.

Also, keep in mind that compared to traditional cars, EVs offer a larger interior space and lower centre of gravity (good for handling). Ioniq 5 not only paves the way for level 5 autonomous driving but also shows how cars will become living spaces in the future. We can see a preview of this movement with the Ioniq 5.

Would I buy the Ioniq 5? Yes. I know it’s still a Hyundai, but it’s not like the other Hyundais.

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Rewind YouTube Style 2012 with Psy and Carly Rae Jepsen

Gangnam Style, I think Psy made the 2012 as the most YouTube involved year of the human history. Thanks to his music video Gangnam Style, which is watched nearly One Billion times changed everything. Basically, each one person out of six on this planet watched Gangnam Style at least once. (However, Microsoft Word still assumes that I made typo by writing Gangam and underlines it as red.)

And YouTube recently made a video called Rewind YouTube Style 2012. It is the mix of Psy Gangnam Style and Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe songs. And some of the other YouTube sensations were also featured on this video.

And Mercedes SLK! Come Kia and Hyundai, you missed the train on the Gangnam Style video but this time your cars should be have been there! I was expecting to Kia but end up with Mercedes. And this makes the Mercedes SLK as the year 2012’s YouTube sensations as well.

And there is one quite old Volvo S60 is hidden left of the Mercedes SLK.

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Hyundai i30 with 40 Monkeys

Hyundai i30 with monkeys. Sounds a bit horrible but Hyundai was looking forward to proof that new Hyundai cars are built to last longer and robust to extreme situations, such as 40 monkeys! This campaign is one of the best campaigns that end up viral in a very short time of period. And also it is a reliable proof of the production quality.
Actually, they were baboons from Knowsley Safari Park ( Hyundai did not employ forty baboons to destroy their new i30! From one perspective as I mentioned in previous paragraph, it is a really good campaign but from another perspective, monkeys or baboons are not closely associated with sympathy. They are making interesting noises, jumping to everywhere and even in some cases, they can drive a lion crazy (Search on YouTube)!
As I complain, so what is my suggestion? My suggestion is a grizzly bear from USA! He is called Brutus, a huge grizzly bear lives with humans. He was raised by the naturalist Casey Anderson. And he has IMDb profile! He was star of the National Geographic documentary Expedition Grizzly, Pretty Ugly People and Iron Ridge. He receives commands from his friend Casey and quite good at acting.
Instead of placing forty baboons or monkeys, Hyundai may star Brutus the bear and test the robustness of the i30. Honestly, I am not that optimistic with this test, as the Brutus weights nearly as heavy as an i30, he would probably destroy most of the parts of the interior. But, still it would be great advertisement campaign. Even though, the interior is destroy it would show the how it surveyed against a grizzly bear.
By the way, it is really nice car!
For more information about the monkey proof i30, please visit Hyundai’s website.

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Hyundai ix45, Worth to Look!

Everything has a first time! And here it is, Hyundai released the pictures of upcoming SantaFe or ix45 (Europe brand) SUV. I never write about this brand but I cannot ignore the fact that, Hyundai improved so much last one decade. Especially in terms of design and quality, Hyundai’s improvement could not be missed. Therefore, I wanted to share these pictures.
And keep in mind, this car will be powered by a 2,0-lt turbo petrol engine produces 278 PS! 

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Guess the car!

I have been interested on cars for very long time. I guess since I was born! Actually at those years, I was not able to compare the details, I was only able to identify them by their look. When you are small, design is the best bit and you don’t care about the rest.
As the years have passed, I have driven many different cars and I started to remember their every bit. Especially, interior details. There were some very impressive and there were some very pathetic.
Recently I was looking at my fashion blogger Nelly’s posts and I noticed something interesting! Nelly is a Greek fashion blogger and she has a very creative blog :) (She has more followers than me!) on her blog I noticed a part of a car in her photos but I could not identify it! There was a navigation screen, and this means it might be a premium brand but the air condition knob destroyed the “premium” word. That air condition knob might be from a Nissan or a Renault (They are the same thing now) or something like Kia, may be Toyota or Peugeot, Citroën. But I am hundred percentage sure that, it is not from a German car! I saw that knob in somewhere and it was not built very well. I can remember this very well. Despite my all efforts, I could not manage to find out the brand of this car.
My CSI: Auto ability was not able to solve the case! It might be Nissan Qashqai and also I suspected VW Golf or Passat (The previous models), because they have a very bad built air condition knob but navigation screen changes the pictures!
Comment from Nelly; that’s a Jeep (She means that’s an SUV) or it can be Hyundai :) If you have any idea, please feel free to write on comment :)
Anyway, if you are wondering about the boots they are from Zara :) And you read the rest of the story from the link below.

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Hyundai vs. Louis Vuitton

Hyundia and Louis Vuitton are totally two different planets. They have share nothing in common! Their target groups are different, people who preffer Louis Vuitton don’t prefer Hyundia and it goes on like this. I know there might be some exceptions but they are totally two different brands. Until now!
Recently Hyundia US started to show a new commercial for New Sonata which using luxury icons like lobster, caviar, mega yacht and luxury basket ball. However, there something odd here! Boys are playing with a ball which has the same brown color with Louis Vuitton bags! And the logos on the ball are recalling LV. Actually Hyundia did not accept this and they are on court right now. Interesting case ;)
Here is the commercial; or click this link


Pilates for Luxury Segment

Pilates is a very popular physical fitness exercise. This exercise helps to strech your muscles, increase your concentration, control your breathing, better precision and more. I am not an expert on this, however I know that if you could manage to do it, it is good to do it.
In last decade; automotive companies also started to do pilates for luxury segment. However their pilates was not like the normal one! Instead of calming yourself and developing your physical health, this pilates made them more angry and agressive.
The ambition to jump luxury segment has some reasons; some brands desire to have a flagship model to strength their brand image and develop high technologies for flagship and transfer to other models (VW Phaëton model), some brands wanted revive a died brand and increase their market (Mercedes Maybach model), some brands extend their brand to extend it, even though they knew that they will fail(Renault VelSatis, Peugeot 607) and lastly some brands shift their brand image into luxury by revealing a new model (Hyundia model).
All of these models did not work as we all know that. Phaëton is an excellent car with very sophisticated technology but it didn’t sell much but its structure is used for Bentley Continental Family which is very rational in economic terms. Mercedes Maybach was great project and introduced great cars which look likes old Mercedes S Class (W220) from outside and also from inside, despite the space age technology, it could not race with Rolls Royce or Bentley. Renault VelSatis was great looking and that was all, Peugeot 607 was a try to jump to a new segment and failed. However Hyundai made some success with Genesis in US market and that motivation gave more motivation and they will introduce a car for international market to compete with S Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 and that is called Equus. Okay, Equus might be selling very well in Asia but the world is not Asia.
In general; a car company cannot go up into higher segments, the brand is mostly stuck on the segment which was emerged. Mercedes is always a luxury brand despite A Class, Rolls Royce is always super luxury brand, Peugeot will good price, good looking brand and Hyundia will be remembered with their Excel and Accent. It is nearly impossible to go up in automotive industry, even Mercedes spent lots of money and failed. Yes, Lexus made it but only in US. Even in Japan, their people don’t buy it because they don’t perceive Lexus as luxury brand.
These companies did brand extension, strecth the cars for upper segments, increase concentration, control your breath. The result? Not a good way of relaxing like Pilates. Don’t strecth too much.
The best solution is to focus on increasing quality, better design and extend brand to lower segments. If the company has know-how and money like VW, go head introduce car like Phaëton. It won’t hurt you, unless try not to do that.


On weekend Hyundai announced on TV about their sales target for their premium model Genesis in Turkey. This car is quite popular in US and in US and in US, won lots of awards and frankly the equipment is not that bad. And Hyundai’s target for Turkey is 150 Genesis. Unlike US, this car costs fortune; € 100,000 !!!
So you will say, Mercedes is too classic, BMW is too snoppish, Audi what’s that, VW that’s Audi’s father and you will depressed without any other alternative and desperate motivated to buy a Genesis; and Hyundai thinks that there 150 people like this in Turkey.
Even 150 people are ready buy Mercedes priced Hyundia; I would like to suggest something, Genesis has 3,8lt petrol engine, not diesel !!! For that price you can easily buy Mercedes E250 CDi with a lot of technological gadget which will take 6 months to understand each of them. Why should anyone buy a Hyundia Geneis with 3,8lt petrol engine and pay enourmous amount yearly tax? I really wonder.
Of course people will go and buy Mercedes E220 CDi, BMW 520d or Audi A6 2,0 TDi; okay some people will buy petrol engine cars. But Hyundia’s prediction for Genesis is like expecting to call down the global warming by fan !!!
Sorry but if the brand is not emerged as luxury, it does not have competitive advantage in luxury segments. Even the VW Phaëton is struggling to sale, how could Geneis achieve that target ?