Burberry is like a F1 Safety Car !

Burberry is one of the very well known British fashion brand and admired by many people. Burberry became a reflection of social status, reflection of life style. Some people cannot live without Burberry, it became a part of their body. However there are some people annoyed by seeing too much Burberry in every where. They say, Burberry lost its exclusivity by appearing too much. This is one of the Achilles’ heels in luxury; limit the production and keep it exclusive or satisfy the demand and lost the spirit. Burberry is like a light which signals in every condition and in everywhere; actually this is my idea, you may not agree with me.
Mercedes SL 63 AMG Formula1 Safety car is one of the coolest car for car enthusiast, it has everything we are looking for. It’s very powerful, upgraded suspension and brakes, it is bridling the F1 cars on circuit and it has amazing flashing lights all over the car. Of course, you cannot drive this car in daily condition with all these lights flashing. Even if you don’t open those flashing lights, you will catch all the attention, if you open those flashing lights, you will grab any kind of attention. So, it looks better on circuit.
Burberry is like safety car; it look very elegant and exquisite in fashion shows and on Mayfair, London. But when you see the store, all that spirit is disappearing! Burberry store in Istanbul, there are more than six Burberry is written all over the store, even on the side of stairs outside of the store. It is flashing like a safety car, I am here! May be for that reason, I could not like this brand ever. However; Paul Smith, Armani, Boss, Farhi, Kenzo or Bottega Veneta is not that flashing and catching my attention more. Of course, all these marketing strategies are targeting different target groups and have different goals. But will I ever drive SL63 AMG F1 Safety Car on street? I don’t think so!
Burberry’s store in Istanbul is one the magnificent looking building!
Picture are from;
Mercedes Website