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Desperate Housewives’ Gabrielle drives a Golf Car

Most of the readers of this blog is not that interested on Desperate Housewives when they have chance to watch BBC Top Gear. That’s normal, in Desperate Housewives there are people and they have problem all the time and millions of people are watching it. However the most important bit from Desperate Housewives is Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria). She is the hottest character on show and one of the main reason why many men are watching this show!
She is an ex-supermodel who moved into Wisteria Lane and married with Carlos Solis. As the Carlos is quite wealthy person on the show, she was driving Aston Martin, Maserati and Mercedes. However for a short time while they were suffering financial problem she was driving something with four wheel and an engine! However as they recovered, Mercedes introduced them Mercedes CLK63 AMG and Mercedes E Class (the cheap one, because the it does not have LED daylights) as product placement.

As you can notice, I am interested on Eva Longoria and I am following her in Twitter also. Hopefully she is very active and posting pictures. Recently she posted a picture from the shootings from the Desperate Housewives’ seventh season. Unfortunately we saw what really Gaby was driving :) An electric car which looks like a golf car with a rent me label. And she was excited with the trip.

Let’s go back to topic, Gabrielle character and Mercedes E class are not matching that well! Except Mercedes E63 AMG model, the rest is boring. You suppose to be middle aged men with kids and don’t want any sudden excitement. I really appreciate E Class but never dreamed of it! My suggestion for Gabrielle Solis is a Mercedes GLK350. It appeared in Sex and City movie and it is matching with sexy women image! GLK is mid size SUV which combines both muscularity with elegant design. I really like this SUV with no off road capability. And this will match her style, also she can get in and get out much easier :)
I hope Eva you will be reading this :)
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