The Stig’s dilemma explained with Katie Price :)

Stig! He is the most important issue of automotive industry. CO2 levels, global crisis, high petrol prices are not that important for automotive! Everyone knows the answers of these problems, thousands of people are writing about solution every second. But nobody knows who the real Stig is! Until, last couple of weeks.
The white Stig from BBC TopGear is always a mystery for people. There are millions of predictions for Stig, some people thought it was Schumacher or other former Formula 1 drivers. The main reason for this curiosity, is the unbelievable talent of Stig. He was faster than any Formula 1 driver on TopGear’s test track, sorry except Barrichello!
Stig never failed during the laps, except Koenigsegg without wing. He is the perfection of driving. And nobody could able to see his face. I thought the TopGear’s stars saw Stig with casual cloths but he was inside his white suit all the time and his real personality only known by very few people in BBC.
A very basic Google search easily proofs his popularity! 17 millions of hits for Stig and only 10 millions of hits for silicone powered Katie Price (aka Jordan). This is unbelievable, a car show character have more attention than partially naked women!
From this very simple calculation, Stig was supposed to earn more money and Katie Price! However the reality of Stig’s income was the same reality of Katie’s silicone boobs. Fake! From the news, we can understand BBC was giving only a micro portion of Stig phenomenon to Ben Collins and he realized this, like every normal human being. Then he started to write a book about Stig. Unfortunately this happened with previous Black Stig also, he wrote book and BBC killed him. The identity crisis of Stigs is based on money! Because, BBC is making fortune from Stig and he is just making more money and giving driving instructor lessons.
As long as BBC keeps Stig’s budget as tight as Katie’s t-shirts, each Stig will reveal a book :)
By the way my suggestion for the Stig is Tiff Needell!
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