New VW EOS (Finally!)

Finally ugly looking VW EOS is being facelifted! Murat Günak’s design EOS was the first coupe/cabrio VW model unlike Günak’s iconic design Peugeot 206, EOS was not looking that good! I tried many times to like it but it was nearly impossible! Hopefully VW realized this problem and they face lifted the EOS.
Now it is looking much better and completing the VW Group design concept. And also includes the reflexive leather which is also available in BMW 3 Series Cabrio, this leather reflect the sun light and prevents your body parts to have “cabrio car sun burn”. And it also features regenerative braking technology which is charging your battery while you are braking and reduces CO2! The rest is same with other VW cars, 1,4lt turbo engine from 122 horses to 210 horses and diesel is 2,0lt with 140 horses.
Actually it is very well packed car for its price and for a coupe/cabrio! Unlike first generation, it will receive more attention.

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