The Clothes Show Live from Olympus Pen | #olympusPENgeneration

The Clothes Show Live from Olympus Pen camera. Few days ago, I attended to The Clothes Show Live 2014. I wasn’t there as a blogger, just a visitor. While I was going around the venue area, I saw the Olympus stand with their mirror-less digital camera, Pen. And they were very kind to lend me one for one-hour and take some photos.
The Olympus Pen is a really good camera. You have the all DSLR function and you don’t need to bear the weight of a DSLR. Of course, DSLRs are easier to use thanks to their buttons and knobs but they are bulky. Olympus Pen also offers changeable lens and like in a DSLR, you can replace your lens with different selections.
Here are the results from the Olympus Pen Generation.
(Starbucks, Diet Coke, Miss Birmingham, Alcatel, Conde Nast, Peugeot, Citroen, FSL Clothing)


Why You Should Buy a Peugeot 108?

You never thought I would be writing about the new Peugeot 108. Why I write about the new 108? Because, Peugeot UK was the first automotive company to invite me to the press day of Peugeot 208, two years ago. Yes, it was two years ago and I couldn’t believe how the time move so fast when I saw the lovely PR team of Peugeot UK. (By the way, I just realised that I am taking better photos than two years ago.)

And here is the answer for, why you should buy a Peugeot 108?

The new Peugeot 108. I want to compare its price with an annual rail ticket from Virgin trains for the route of Birmingham to London. Go buy a Peugeot 108 (£8245) instead of a rail ticket from Virgin for the whole year. The price gap is nearly impossible to spot and you are not limited with the route from London Euston to Birmingham New Street, Peugeot 108 can travel wherever you wish!

New 108 has a very low CO2 emission, 88g/km? Why I am excited with that? Because, this means lower tax but if you are travelling to London from Monaco with a 108, you still have to pay the London Congestion Charge!

The best bit of the new 108, it has offer keyless access and engine start as standard! This is the best feature of the automotive industry. I was really jealous when the Mercedes introduced this technology as Keyless-Go in 1998 with the S-Class and was charging a lot of money. Now, it is free with Peugeot 108. I am obsessed with keyless access, really don’t know why!

In addition, it has touch screen and another fun bit! A rear view camera as a standard. Peugeot proofs that a rear-view camera does not cost a fortune and it can be standard!

If you are planning to buy a small car with exciting features and don’t want to spent a Knightsbridge flat price, Peugeot 108 is the best answer! But it doesn’t drive by itself, I really want this feature.

1.0-lt petrol engine 68 HP with 88g/km with Start and Stop, 1.2-lt petrol engine 82 HP with 99g/km. 2-Tronic automatic is optional and go for the automatic, manual is the last century’s technology :)


New Peugeot 208 GTi

Peugeot released the photos of the new 208 GTi today. 208 GTi will be powered by a 1.6-lt turbo engine with 200 PS of power. I will update the information, as Peugeot release more.

More technical information; 1.6-lt 200PS, 275 Nm of torque with six-speed manual gearbox. Accelerates to 100 kph (62 mph) in less than seven seconds.

I added more photos from Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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Goodwood Festival of Speed: Peugeot 5008 RXH Hybrid

Peugeot 5008 RXH is a new car from Peugeot, which is quite similar to Audi A6 Allroader. Neither SUV nor estate car. I saw 5008 RXH in Goodwood Festival of Speed and I really like the car. Although 5008 was not appealing to me, 5008 RXH looks totally different and one of the best looking Peugeot available on market. I don’t have more information about 5008 RXH but first impression was really good.




Goodwood Festival of Speed: Peugeot 208 GTi Concept

Peugeot 208 GTi is here! I finally saw the new 208 GTi in Goodwood Festival of Speed. Since 205 GTi, I was expecting to see something really fast and ground breaking. Hopefully, 208 GTi satisfy us from each perspective. Engine is a 1,6-lt turbo produces 200 PS of power and enables to accelerate to 100 kph (62 mph) under 7 seconds. Under 7 seconds means, 208 GTi is light and powerful!
As you know from the Peugeot 208, the interior is well built and GTi features also the go-kart style steering wheel. I am pretty sure that Peugeot 208 GTi would be fun to drive with go-kart style steering wheel. As I know 208 GTi is offered with manual gearbox but I don’t know about the future possibilities. Keep in mind, it is still a concept.


Goodwood Festival of Speed: Peugeot HX1 Concept Car

Peugeot HX1 Concept Car was in Goodwood Festival of Speed as well. HX1 is one of the important pieces of the festival. Especially spotting a concept car is not something very easy and there were many of them in Goodwood. 
Peugeot HX1 is revealed last year and represents French luxury. Actually, HX1 is a really large saloon that is similar to Mercedes R-Class! Concept car is powered by a 2,2-lt turbo diesel engine with 204 PS of power and 70 kW electric motor powers the rear wheels; in total both engines creates 299 PS of power. And HX1 manages to achieve 88 mpg or 3,2 lt/km with 83 g/km CO2 level. 
Numbers are really tempting!


New Peugeot 208

Peugeot 208, the regeneration! In my previous post, I talked about the first day event of Peugeot 208, now I want to talk more about the new Peugeot 208. As you know that, 208 replaces the 207 model. Honestly, I always like the 206 but never managed to create an emotional bond with the 207. However, this time things are different! Peugeot 208 is a real class-leading car, I know many people will say Peugeot suffers from reliability but things have changed! 

Peugeot improved the manufacturing quality and like other brands they started to use laser melding technology during the production process. Also, Peugeot 208 offers a distinctive interior and exterior design. This is one of the key points why I like with 208! Exterior design reflects the Peugeot identity and also offers a totally distinctive character. Interior is not like old days; quality of plastic is really high, aluminium gear knob looks amazing, LED mood light is tempting but I am not into this that much. This may not sound interesting but air condition controls are really high quality, the feedback of the buttons, the amount of pressure you need to apply to change the temperature are so well designed. These minor details improves the overall quality and brand image.

Peugeot 208 is 7 cm longer than the previous model and offers really huge amount of space in both at front and rear seats. During the test drive, we drove a diesel and a petrol engine and the interior noise was totally the same, actually there was not engine noise inside! The suspension is stiff, not that annoying but it is stiff. I really like this with Peugeot 208, you feel the sportive characters in every aspect. The steering wheel of 208 is really small, you may compare with a go-kart as well. I never seen this small steering wheel, and for better fuel consumption it is electric! I know it reduces the feedback, even the Porsche 911 uses the same technology. Welcome to new world!

Peugeot 208 is now available with manual transmission and you don’t have the very high clutch feeling. However, I don’t like manual cars. If you are looking for automatic Peugeot 208, you need to wait a bit more and you will have the automated manual transmission. Peugeot 208 may not be offered with a double clutch gearbox in near future and some people complain about this but, double clutch gearbox is an expensive equipment and if you are looking for a reasonably priced car, you cannot have the double clutch. If you know how to drive an automated manual gearbox, it is really comfortable.

Peugeot 208 offer gesture touch screen like in iPhone, and also they will be offering Peugeot App Store in near future. I don’t know the operation system of the user interface but I suggest it might be Android based. I used the touch screen in 208 and I found it really useful and easy to control. Peugeot did not pack each function into touch screen and you won’t be get lost under the menus. It is worth to buy!

And a big improvement from Peugeot, new 208 is 178kg lighter than 207! 178kg may sound a small number but in terms of automotive, it is a huge number! Lighter car means, better fuel economy, better acceleration and better handling.

Will I buy a Peugeot 208? When they offer the automatic gearbox, I will go for it. Even though the manual is really comfortable to drive but I am a bit lazy thanks to congested traffic. 

Lastly, Peugeot produces more than 15 million 2-Series since 1920s. And Peugeot decided to keep 8 in each model, so we won’t see any 209 or 309 in future. All future Peugeot models will be branded with 0 in the middle and 8 at the end.

Technical Details:
208 diesel range:
– 1.4 l HDi FAP 68bhp, 160Nm,  5-speed manual; CO2: 98g/km,74.3mpg
– 1.4 l e-HDi FAP 68bhp, 160Nm, EGC Stop & Start; CO2: 87g/km,83.1mpg
– 1.6 l e-HDi FAP 92bhp, 230Nm, 5-speed manual Stop&Start; CO2: 98g/km, 74.3mpg
– 1.6 l e-HDi FAP 92bhp, 230Nm, EGC Stop&Start; CO2: 98g/km, 74.3mpg
– 1.6 l e-HDi FAP 115bhp, 285Nm (1), 6-speed manual; CO2: 99g/km,74.3mpg

208 petrol range:
– 1.0l VTi 68bhp; 95Nm, 5-speed manual; CO2: 99g/km, 65.7mpg
– 1.2l VTi 82bhp; 118Nm, 5-speed manual; CO2: 104g/km, 62.8mpg
– 1.4l VTi 95bhp; 136Nm, 5-speed manual; CO2: 129g/km, 50.4mpg
– 1.6 litre VTi 120bhp; 160Nm, 5-speed; CO2: 134 g/km, 48.7mpg
– 1.6 litre THP 156bhp, 240/260(1)Nm, 6-speed manual; CO2: 135 g/km),48.7mpg
 (1) Value with overboost


Peugeot 208 Press Launch My Live Tweets

My Live Tweets from the Peugeot 208 press launch at MediaCity, Manchester. Peugeot 208 event was really great! And I wanted to post all my tweets from the event. During the test drive, I was the co-pilot who missed the synchronisation of the maps and the road couple of times and ended up in a closed road.

By the way, I had a great driver, Sandy Lindsay @SandyLindsay

Thank you very much for the great event, Peugeot :) You can follow me from the @uygarr or @CarsAndLife

Tweets Start! #peugeot208 (Total Number of Tweets: 100)

#peugeot208 #peugeot207 #cars #2000s 3:20 PM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #peugeot207 #cars #2000s  3:20 PM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 and the event is finished. Thank you very much to @PeugeotNews 2:15 PM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 we are the first again @SandyLindsay 1:57 PM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 great road!!! 1:26 PM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 no problem navigation keep going @SandyLindsay 1:24 PM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 we back to testing with @SandyLindsay hope not get lost again 1:12 PM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 @SandyLindsay great handling and performance with petrol engine 1:11 PM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 (@ The Merlin) 12:31 PM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 everyone is off to lunch, I am dealing with the photos 11:56 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 we arrived the first with @SandyLindsay 11:46 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 everyone finished the test drive 11:45 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 navigation failed hehehe 11:32 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 i am with @SandyLindsay i failed with navigation 11:02 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 we missed the junction heheh 10:34 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 ride is really good in autobahn and also sportive 10:31 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 amazing drive and comfort 10:23 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 great suspension and love the touch screen 10:15 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 our test route no cheating with google maps 10:12 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 we are off to test 10:10 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 here we go!!! 10:07 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 video is on air 10:01 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 10:01 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 off to test drive 9:56 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 style, presence, driving experience, comfort, quality, environmental performance and regeneration 9:56 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 top trumps 9:55 AM – 20 Jun 12 

#peugeot208 %69 from diesel 9:53 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 volume will be 50,000 plus 9:53 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #fleet benefits are pricing, economy, co2 up to £20 saving!!! 9:53 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 is more efficient than the competitors 9:52 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 1,4 lt offers 74,3 mpg 9:52 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 10 engines. 5 petrol and 5 diesel 9:51 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 3-cylinder engines are 1 and 1,2 lt 9:51 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 spec has 5 levels 9:50 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 offers two 3-cylinder engines 9:49 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 offers two 3-cylinder engines 9:49 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 has a great heritage in diesel market 9:49 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 touch screen features 9:48 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 UK pricing is coming!!!! 9:48 AM – 20 Jun 12 

#peugeot208 touch screen again 9:48 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 touch screen 9:47 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 more than %80 will feature touch screen 9:45 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 touch screen is 7″ inch. Radio, media files, bluetooth, trip computer are on touch screen 9:45 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 %25 is recycled!!!! 9:44 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 range starts 87g/km co2 #green 9:44 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 front end -25 kg, structure -25 kg 9:43 AM – 20 Jun 12 

#peugeot208 is lighter 175 kg than 207 9:43 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 is 7 cm longer than 207 9:43 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 apps are coming. First in the market 9:42 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 has optimised structural performance 9:42 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 small outside big inside 9:42 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 touch screen can understand gesture finger movements 9:42 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 9:41 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 is a regeneration of hatchback 9:40 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #peugeot wants to engage with younger customers 9:39 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 let your body drive 9:38 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 viral video started…. 9:38 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 more than 1600 test drive received 9:36 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 viral campaign received 6 million hits 9:36 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 viral campaign received 2 million hits on youtube 9:36 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 pre booking opened on April 9:35 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 is a regeneration. Now Steven Fahey is on stage 9:34 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 2 series is the only model never interrupted since 1929 9:34 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #peugeot will be the biggest supporter of children in need 9:33 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 since 1929 2 series sold over 17 million 9:33 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 201 started in 1929 and it was the 201 project with central 0 9:32 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 3008 and 508 hybrids are available 9:30 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #peugeot is european leader of co2 leader 9:29 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 average age of #peugeot customer are decreasing 9:28 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 21 years old can buy a 208 for £1500 deposit 9:28 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 508 sales increased by %69 9:26 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 LCV market volume remain the same 9:26 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 the demand to 207 is same as past year 9:25 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 market share from %4,9 to %5,1 9:25 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 here we start 9:23 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 here is the key!! 9:05 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 (@ Holiday Inn) 8:25 AM – 20 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #peugeot206 #cars #1990s #2000s 11:36 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #peugeot206 #cars #1990s #2000s 11:35 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #peugeot205 #cars #1980s 11:34 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #peugeot205 #cars #1980s 11:33 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #cars #manchester 11:32 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 and here is the peugeot 207 7:45 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 and we are in 1990s peugeot 206 7:42 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 15 million of 205 206 207 sold since 1983 7:42 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 peugeot 205 again 7:38 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 1980s 7:37 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 peugeot 205 7:33 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 7:29 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 floor in this studio can be painted into any colour at mediacity 7:19 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 biggest hq studio in mediacity 7:18 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 mediacity tour goes #euro2012 control is here 7:09 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 blue peter hq studio 7:03 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 mediacity and docks 6:51 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #bbc mediacity entrance 6:44 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 #bbcsport we are still in mediacity 6:43 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 more buildings from mediacity. It was totally empty during 1980s 6:38 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 we are in media city. Amazing architecture 6:35 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 event started #car 6:34 PM – 19 Jun 12

#peugeot208 event about to start 5:57 PM – 19 Jun 12


New Peugeot 208 MediaCity Press Launch

Peugoet 208, today Peugeot UK launched the 208 model. The event took place in Mediacity, Manchester. The 208 event started with the tour at Mediacity! Mediacity is recent development for the TV business and where BBC Manchester is placed. There many different media groups are placed and BBC Sport is here as well. The whole development is recently constructed and it is very very new! And also everything is in HD.
We had a great tour around the Mediacity complex and visited the high definition studios of BBC and other channels. And after the tour, we end up with the Peugeot’s 208 event in a secret place.
The Peugeot 208 event starts from the 1980s with Peugeot 205, the walls are covered the magazines from those years, we had chance to play a retro Atari game, and also the retro TV advertisements were rolling. The next room was featuring the legendary 206 and the memories from end of 1990s and 2000s. Even though, Peugeot 206 is more than ten years old but still does look nice. This room was also rolling the advertisement from the last century and the millennium.  The next room was featuring the Peugeot 207. And it was a nice flashback to year 2006. Yes, Peugeot 207 was revealed in year 2006 and I was really shocked when I hear this. I really thought, 207 was  not that old. I guess the design of 207 manipulated my sense of time.
The Peugeot 208? The next room had the 208 but you need to wait until tomorrow for the photos and more.


Commercial Vehicle Show 2012, Birmingham

Today for the first time I visited a commercial vehicle show, Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Show 2012. Similar to passenger vehicle show, they were many new technologies and new vehicles, however I don’t have adequate knowledge to compare or judge the vehicles like I do it with passenger vehicles.

Commercial vehicles are totally different, even their marketing is different. People never buy a commercial vehicle because they want one, they buy it because they need one! This is the difference between passenger vehicle and commercial vehicles, wants and needs!

So, before the show finishes I highly suggest you to visit it. Because, you will see the new gorgeous Mercedes-Benz Actros, E-Vito (Electric powered), Unimog. Also, Citroën has a great show and one of the best stand in CV Show! You should see it. Ford revealed the new Tourneo and Transit, also they have a 3.2-lt diesel Ranger pick-up. Peugeot also features an electric vehicle. MAN features only two tow trucks but you can see how a diesel engine looks like from inside. Lastly, you can play a remote control LGV model and try to park in reverse! And there are lots of many industrial products that I am not interested at all. And some models!

Still, worth a visit :) It will be open until Thursday from 08:30 to 17:30
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