Toyota and Lexus are calling us again

This is a social responsibility post!
I recently read the news about Lexus and Toyota recall about brake fluid. Based on press release, brake hydraulic may leak from brake master cylinder and your brake will flash and you will lose some of your braking power.
More basically; if your brake fluid escapes from the car and your brake pedal feels like chewing gum, there is one explanation for this. You are done!! That small brake light which is flashing is the thin line between live and death. So if you have any of these very dull looking, boring, very boring Lexus or Toyota cars start running to workshop. I know new cars looks like Playstation games but there is no restart button!!! So, don’t waste your time going around internet and go to workshop now :)
The interesting point of this recall, what was Toyota thinking while designing the brake system. Come on, hydraulic brake system is older than electric windows. And they should have more experience of brake systems than heating system!
Toyota Recall
Lexus Recall