Models from Martini Royal Casting Event

Models from Martini Royal Casting Event. Martini without vodka and without James Bond, will it be boring? By the way, if you are under 18-year old, you are not suppose to read this article and you may check the Ferrari LaFerrari ;)

Martini the legendary drink of James Bond. I think whoever watched James Bond knows the Martini. Actually Bond associated the Martini with vodka, and like many people vodka Martini cocktail placed in our subconscious part of our mind.

Also, nowadays all media and car news portals are poured with car photos from Geneva. They all have four-wheel and one internal combustion engine (some of them have electric motors). So the story is the same and for some people, there is nothing interesting with the cars.

And here is the post for the people, who were looking forward to amend the subconscious meaning of Martini and see something rather than cars :)

The photo shooting took place during the summer for the Martini Royal Casting Event. If you still experience cold weather like me, these photos will keep you warm :)







































high heels red bottom




































drinking from high heels



























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Cars in James Bond Skyfall

James Bond Skyfall, I have just watched the movie and I wanted to write about the cars in the movie. Because, there are more cars placed in Skyfall that you imagine.
The list starts with Land Rover Defender and Audi A4. Then JaguarXJ as you expected, then we Range Rover as usual. China sequences starts with Mercedes S500 (S550 for US market) and the taxi was a Volkswagen Passat. And we saw Land Discovery 4 as police vehicles and as a normal vehicle. I totally forgot the wrecked Volkswagen Beetles in the Turkey.
The London Police was driving Kia Optima, Sportage and Opel/VauxhallAstra. I really don’t know whether the London Police drives Kia or not! And the fire trucks were Dennis, a British classic. Later on, Bond left the Jaguar XJ and moved away with the Aston Martin DB5.
If there are more cars, I will update the post later. It was quite hard to keep up with in the Skyfall :)

Land Rover Defender
Audi A4
Jaguar XJ
Range Rover

Mercedes S-Class
Volkswagen Passat
Land Rover Discovery 4
Volkwagen Beetle
Kia Optima
Kia Sportage
Opel / Vauxhall Astra
Aston Martin DB5
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50 Years of James Bond: Bond Cars And Bond Girls Part 1

James Bond Skyfall, nowadays we tend to hear these from many people around us. The latest Bond movie!

This year is special for the James Bond, it is the 50thanniversary. The first James Bond movie was filmed in 1962, Dr No with Sean Connery and Ursula Andress. And the series followed by 22 movies.

Since 1962, James Bond became an icon of luxury lifestyle, charming women, fast cars, exotics places and eccentric technologies (Most of which can be purchased from Amazon now). Thanks to James Bond, the world’s most dangerous job spying, perceived as the dream job.

During the 50 years, James Bond had many Bond Girls and Bond Cars. I did a very comprehensive research to bring you all Bond Girls and Bond Cars since 1962. If you find any mistakes, please let me know :)

Part 2 | Part 3

50 Years of James Bond:

Bond Cars And Bond Girls Part 3

Sunbeam Alpine 
From Russia With Love (1963) (Sean Connery)

Daniela Bianchi

Bentley Mark IV
Goldfinger (1964) (Sean Connery)
Honor Blackman
Thunderball (1965) (Sean Connery)
Claudine Auger
Aston Martin DB5
You Only Live Twice (1967) (Sean Connery)
Mie Hama
Toyota GT2000
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) (George Lazenby)
Diana Rigg
Aston Martin DBS
Diamonds Are Forever (1971) (Sean Connery)
Jill St. John
Ford Mustang Mach 1
Live And Let Die (1973)  (Roger Moore)
Jane Seymour
Chevrolet Impala Convertible
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United Artists

50 Years of James Bond: Bond Cars And Bond Girls Part 2

Here is the second part of the Bond Cars and Bond Girls. Placing all photos in one article will increase time to read, so I separated the post into parts.

The Man with Golden Gun (1974) (Roger Moore)
Britt Ekland
AMC Hornet
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) (Roger Moore)
Barbara Bach
Lotus Esprit S1
Moonraker (1979) (Roger Moore)
Lois Chiles
MP Lafer
For Your Eyes Only (1981) (Roger Moore)
Carole Bouquet

Octopussy (1983) (Roger Moore)
Maud Adams
Range Rover Convertible
A View to Kill (1985) (Roger Moore)
Tanya Roberts
The Living Daylights (1987) (Timothy Dalton)
Maryam D’abo
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante
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United Artists

50 Years of James Bond: Bond Cars And Bond Girls Part 3

And this is the final post for the James Bond’s Cars And Girls. He had great fun for 50 years :)

Part 1 | Part 2
Licence to Kill (1989) (Timothy Dalton)
Carey Lowell
Lincoln Mark VII LSC
Golden Eye (1995) (Pierce Brosnan)
Izabella Scorupco
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) (Pierce Brosnan)
Teri Hatcher
BMW 7-Series
The World Is Not Enough (1999) (Pierce Brosnan)
Denise Richards

Die Another Day (2002) (Pierce Brosnan)
Halle Berry
Aston Martin Vanquish
Casino Royale (2006) (Daniel Craig)
Eva Green
Aston Martin DBS
Quantum Solace (2008) (Daniel Craig)
Olga Kurylenko
Aston Martin DBS
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United Artists

James Bond Skyfall: Coca Cola Zero

Skyfall is the 23rd film of James Bond Series. James Bond is played Daniel Craig, as we all expected. Skyfall is filmed in many locations as usual, starting from Turkey, England, Scotland and China. As I know, this time James Bond is going to be driving Bentley instead of Aston Martin. That’s another reason why I am waiting to see the new Bond.

Anyway, my main topic is not the Skyfall! It is the the limited edition James Bond Skyfall Coca Cola Zero. Truly, I didn’t know that there was a Skyfall Limited Edition Cola Zero until half an hour ago. I just saw the last one in Tesco and immediately grabbed it. I know myself, I would not drink but could not stop myself buying it.

Basically, Coca Cola Zero is a rebranded Coca Cola Diet and I really don’t like the taste. Some people say, Zero has a stronger taste but still I cannot understand the difference. But this doesn’t change the fact that it is the James Bond’s coke!

If you see one, grab it immediately!







Finally the New Range Rover with James Bond Inspiration, my 1000th Post

New Range Rover is my 1000th post in my blog.

New Range Rover is recently revealed to public in the Royal Ballet School, Richmond Park, London. New Range Rover looks like the combination of Evoque and the present Range Rover in term of exterior, therefore I didn’t like that much. It looks good, unfortunately not ground-breaking.

(The press event of the new Range Rover reminded one thing, James Bond. Because, the new Range Rover came out from the water like Bond girls coming out form the sea. Range Rover’s product placements in James Bond movies might have influence. Dr. No: Ursula Andress, Die Another Day: Halle Berry.)

However, the technology underneath the new Range Rover increased the bar higher. The present model was not able to offer the technologies you may find in German SUVs, especially in terms of safety systems. New Range Rover now offers; Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assistfeature enables to complete stop and available at low speeds, Intelligent Emergency Braking (with Advanced Emergency Brake Assist) brakes the vehicle if the upcoming traffic is too close or the driver is not responding to a potential collision (This is a great function and it is enough to buy the new Range Rover), Blind Spot Monitoring, Dynamic Response active lean control, another great feature is Reverse Traffic Detection warns driver for potential collisions during reversing and this is another must have feature as the Range Rover is big and may hard to reverse for some drivers and lastly Surround Camera System with T junction view feature.
Now the interior features of the new Range Rover (Now Range Rover offers the same luxury like in Mercedes S-Class); soft door close, power upper and lower tailgates for boot, cooler compartments, electrically deployable towbar, Land Rover classic Meridian audio system, 8-inch central screen , voice control, multi-massage seats and Executive Class rear seat (Two individual seats) and LED ambient lighting. And I hope that Range Rover’s navigation screen and instrument panel’s screens are improved and faster CPU is available, so go around the menus will be faster.
And the best bit, I like is the leather covered gear knob :)
New Range Rover 310 kg lighter and features new engines. V8 Supercharged produces 510 PS and reach to 100 kph (62 mph) 5.1 seconds (0.8 faster than previous one) and %9 more efficient.  3-lt diesel engine TDV6 produces 258 PS and 4.4-lt SDV8 diesel produces 339 PS. And SDV8 is %22 more efficient than the previous model. And I hope that 4.4-lt SDV8 will not ruin the weight balance.

And price starts from £70,000 and end up at £100,000!

Finally, the Range Rover may look quite similar to previous model but it is obvious that Land Rover realised the risk of new Bentley SUV and improved the technology and interior way beyond my expectations. Now Range Rover is ready for the Bentley SUV and compete with German SUVs way better than ever.

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Land Rover

New Bond Car

James Bond loves to drive Aston Martin for quite long time. Yes, for some reasons he changed his mind but Aston Martin is always associated with 007; nobody can deny this. If you are still expecting to see an Aston Martin in next Bond movie, I have a bad news. If the next Bond movie will be based on Carte Blanche novel, which is released couple of months ago, you will not see an Aston Martin any more.

Instead, you will see Bentley Continental GT and many VW models; such as – Jetta, Passat, Golf GTi. How I do know this information! Very simple, I read the first one hundred pages of Carte Blanche novel and while reading this, I noticed this major change immediately. Bond drives his Bentley all the time and in everywhere and of course, there are many VW Group cars going around!
Carte Blanche at Amazon

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