What is That Truck/Lorry in Clean Bandit feat Wes Nelson Drive Song?

British music group Clean Bandit recently released their latest song, Drive feat. Wes Nelson.

If you’ve watched the music video, you may have spotted a white lorry driving through space toward the Sun. Interestingly, in this scene, the driver isn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Rightly so, you might be asking, “What’s a truck doing in Clean Bandit’s Drive?”

Here’s my answer: the lorry in Clean Bandit’s latest music video is a MAN TGM 18.290. This is a commercial vehicle designed for short- and long-haul journeys. It is capable of carrying up to 18-tonne and powered by a 6.9-lt six-cylinder inline turbo diesel generates 290-hp (euro 6). Probably the tonnage and the euro 6 emission level will not make any sense in space!

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Sadly, the MAN TGM isn’t designed to withstand the pressures of traveling to the Sun, and its engine won’t run in space. As we all know, there is no air in Space, and diesel engines need air to run.

MAN was founded in 1758 in Germany. Now, the company is called MAN Truck & Bus. It’s a subsidiary of VW Group. Notably, MAN invented the diesel engine along with Rudolf Diesel, but that’s another long story!

I’m not sure why Clean Bandit chose to feature a MAN TGM in their music video. Also, the journey to the Sun is likely to be a tough one. Most importantly, I would strongly recommend that the driver wear a seatbelt! As is common knowledge, there is no friction in space, and when you stop, you stop quickly.

Also, when the MAN TGM approaches the Sun too closely, the entire lorry will start to melt and spin around the orbit of the Sun. In all likelihood, it will be a scorching journey!

Anyway, Drive is another great song from Clean Bandit. I’m looking forward to seeing what vehicle they decide to use for their next music video.

By the way, if the MAN truck featured in the video isn’t a TGL, please let me know. Unfortunately, in the video, it’s hard to make out the model badge on the vehicle.

Watch Clean Bandit Drive feat. Wes Nelson

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MAN from the CV Show 2014

MAN from the CV Show 2014. This year the German bus and truck company MAN focused on efficiency under their new campaign called Über Efficient. The latest range of MAN trucks offers outstanding fuel efficiency without any compromise on the performance. You can find more details at MAN’s website. It was too complicated for me to write here :)


Inside of a Diesel Engine: MAN CV Show Birmingham 2012

How a diesel engine looks like from inside? Here is the answer to this question from the inventor of the diesel engine, MAN. MAN is a German company concentrated on manufacturing bus, trucks, and diesel engines for different purposes.


Commercial Vehicle Show 2012, Birmingham

Today for the first time I visited a commercial vehicle show, Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Show 2012. Similar to passenger vehicle show, they were many new technologies and new vehicles, however I don’t have adequate knowledge to compare or judge the vehicles like I do it with passenger vehicles.

Commercial vehicles are totally different, even their marketing is different. People never buy a commercial vehicle because they want one, they buy it because they need one! This is the difference between passenger vehicle and commercial vehicles, wants and needs!

So, before the show finishes I highly suggest you to visit it. Because, you will see the new gorgeous Mercedes-Benz Actros, E-Vito (Electric powered), Unimog. Also, Citroën has a great show and one of the best stand in CV Show! You should see it. Ford revealed the new Tourneo and Transit, also they have a 3.2-lt diesel Ranger pick-up. Peugeot also features an electric vehicle. MAN features only two tow trucks but you can see how a diesel engine looks like from inside. Lastly, you can play a remote control LGV model and try to park in reverse! And there are lots of many industrial products that I am not interested at all. And some models!

Still, worth a visit :) It will be open until Thursday from 08:30 to 17:30
For more information:

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Topman vs MAN AG

Name similarity, it is very common with people. Especially, if you search your name on Google you will end up with many people have exactly the same name! Unless you are celebrity or a brand, that’s not a big problem. Unfortunately, for brand it is a problem.
Recently, I was checking the London Fashion Week’s website and found out that German diesel engine, bus and truck manufacturer MAN will appear on catwalk. Probably, it would be really hard to achieve a catwalk with trucks and buses. They are not designed for this purpose! At least, trucks and buses have wheels to move but moving the diesel engines on catwalk would be a disaster.
For sure, German MAN is not on fashion week. And there is fashion brand called MAN, actually that is Topman’s MAN but I couldn’t understand why they used MAN brand for the fashion week instead of Topman. Anyway, they probably never thought that someone like me will confuse these two brands :)

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Perfect Combination for Bugatti Veyron

Matching shoes and handbags are vital for ladies. For every occasion they try their best to match two things together. This complicated and tiring process is a part of every ladies life!
If you are man, you don’t need to care about these things very much, until now! In Holland, a Bugatti Veyron is on sale with a same colour transporter truck. There is one thing more cool than Bugatti Veyron is a Bugatti Veyron with transporter truck with the same colour!
This interesting matching is available JamesList website. However there is one thing interesting; Bugatti is produced by VW and the truck is Mercedes Atego. In my opinion to make a better match, the truck should have been a MAN, as the MAN is partly owned by VW.
Anyway, if you have €895,000 to spend for a car, you have bargian here! Click Here


MAN is the oldest automotive company, most of us never heard of this. However, MAN is doing business for 251 years. And they are the inventor of diesel engine. Yes, today’s the most popular engine is invented by German company MAN. Last 251 years, MAN was like u-boat (submarine in German) and they just manufactured trucks, buses, diesel engine, turbos and many more thingsthings but nobody knows MAN. Also most of the ships, trains, yachts, generators are powered by MAN. Actually, MAN is always taking a part in our lifes but we don’t notice it.
Despite all these advantages, MAN does not focus on marketing activity to inform society about their impact on their life. Twenty years ago, there was no need to do these kinds of activities, because there were not too many competitors and markets were not complicated like nowadays. However, things have changed and even the Chinese are offering diesels. And MAN still does not act any marketing activity to inform that “we invented the diesel”. If any other company had this advantage, they will say it all the time! Diesel invention is not the only thing, diesel engines are also offering very low emissions. Or we can say green peace lover, tree huger.
MAN has a great potential in today’s marketing made branding age. MAN has the every kind of material to strength its brand image and increase its competitive advantage but they don’t want to do it!

In general; everyone knows that electricity is invented by Edison. Electricity is inseparable from our lives. Also the diesel engine is in the same position! Without diesel engine, we cannot survive in contemporary world. Diesel engine is sustaining our life, from deliveries from oversees to generators. Rudolf Diesel deserves to be known like Edison.

Study Module: What is Diesel?

I am starting 2010 with diesel article, I hope it won’t end up with natural gas powered engine :)
A breif detail about diesel engine; it was invented by MAN Engineer Rudolf Diesel in 1892. And for long time US didn’t use it.
US market did not have a proper introduction with diesel engine. All they know about diesel is trucks and Cummins and pick-ups. I am not criticizing, they have cheap petrol and their culture is orientated with V8 petrol engines. That’s very good, when you have very cheap petrol. But now world has changed and US market has changed also, fuel efficient is more important! They are looking for environmental and fuel efficient cars and they stuck on hybrids.
However, new technology diesels are very powerful, efficient and very silent. Eventually; US market has bias on diesel engine and they don’t know it properly. Only %1 of passenger cars are equipped with diesel engine. As they don’t know enough, they don’t want to buy something which is unusual for the market. Now automotive companies are trying to educate US market for diesel engines. I think they should put some diesel powered NASCAR car like they did in LeMans and let customers to feel the power of diesel.
I am pretty sure that; if the US market is educated effectively and break the bias on diesel engines, they will love it. Because, you can feel the power better with diesel. Yes, this sounds very good on slogan for US market :)