Baby Audi

Audi A1! For quite long time Audi was promoting its new small Car A1. After the A2’s trauma, Audi hesitate to introduce a small car. What happened with A2? It was beyond its time and made from aluminium which made it pointlessly expensive as the consumers do not pay that much of attention that thing! Also it was not sharing the Audi design concept, it was too tall for the Audi brand. Anyway, Audi halted the A2 long time ago.
Audi introduced this car to have a place in popular small car segment which is dominated by Mini and Fiat 500. This is a very profitable segment, people can reach to luxury brand with reasonable prices :) Also Audi will add new customers to its portfolio. Everything sounds great! They also producing this car from steal, which is much cheaper :) Also they are offering a rear suspension which could turn your journey into nightmare!
Mini and Alfa Romeo MiTo are offering independent rear suspension. Many of you don’t have no idea about this. Basically, this technology offers better handling and comfort and also more cost. Audi claims it is taking more space in that back. Anyway, what Audi A1 is offering twist beam rear axle. This means Audi saved cost and offers to feel the road in your back. Audi A1 is a sport shoes which does not have the comfort.
Don’t think that A1 will cost cheaper by avoiding independent suspension. It will be expensive, actually over priced like other Audis! And many people will rush into Audi dealers to buy one. Honestly, I don’t have any problem with Audi, probably it will be a high quality small car with Audi engineering and it will be a very good alternative to people who got bored of Minis! Would I buy one? Hmmm, I really don’t know but there is one thing is very clear, Audi A1 is the best looking Audi! There is also Alfa Romeo MiTo with a better soul :)
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