Ferrari FF: My First Ferrari ?

I do know that many people have a serious problem! Especially, the rich ones. Based on my observations, being a rich person is not that easy. When you don’t have money, the opportunities are pretty limited and you have to be satisfied with those limited alternatives. For instance, if you are not rich and live on a limited budget your dream cars are limited also. Let’s take, Ford Fiesta. It is cheap to own, cheap to run and cheap to maintain. But it does not offer four wheel drive or Formula 1 style paddle shift or track mode. And you never complain for the Fiesta’s lack of opportunities!
However, when you become rich you want more of everything. You want a fast car, four wheel drive, Formula 1 paddle shift, race mode, leather, coupe with big boot and this list goes forever. Hopefully, Ferrari revealed the FF model to satisfy the rich people, who cannot be satisfied with any car on planet. Eventually, Ferrari FF is a like an automotive salad. You can find anything with the FF, there are not limitations. 
As the Ferrari FF is the best of everything but will it be your first Ferrari? Will anyone go for Ferrari FF instead of Ferrari 458 or 599 !?! I don’t think so. Ferrari FF is a contemporary interpretation of Ferrari but not enough for being the first Ferrari.

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