Flash News!!! Range Rover Evoque Interior

What we were waiting for is here :) The interior of Range Rover Evoque. Honestly I never thought that, Evoque’s interior will be exquisite like this. Evoque has the best interior in Land Rover product range. Believe it looks much much much better than the Range Rover Sport!!!!
Evoque is minimized version of proper Range Rover :) You can understand this from the pictures below. If you are planning to buy Mini Countryman or BMW X1, you should wait until Evoque is introduced on market ;) Or just buy one of them and sell it when Evoque will be available :) Because Evoque worth that :)
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Pulse of The City: Evoque

My previous journeys with Range Rover Evoque’s iPhone application :) I am not living in Monte Carlo. The route is from Turkey. The image processing is making unbelievable results.


Range Rover Evoque iPhone application

Range Rover Evoque is a new era for Land Rover. Like its unusual size for Land Rover family, everything for Evoque is unusual. From the press event to its brand ambassador (Victoria Beckham). Land Rover has big hopes for this new micro SUV. I am saying micro, because it is micro sized when you compare with Discovery 4!
Even though Evoque will be offered with front wheel drive, pleasured is not limited. Sure, it won’t be a very good off roader vehicle but nowadays nobody cares this! Involving with popular culture is more important than being a proper off roader.
Since Evoque was revealed I was saying on my blog, release an iPhone application to communicate with a wide range people and inform about Evoque. Hopefully they did it :) Young & Rubicam London Office developed a Range Rove Evoque application for iPhone.
Today I had chance to try it and it is amazing. It is not giving information about technical details or you can experience the Evoque on off road terrain. Actually they should add these features after Paris Motor Show event.
Current function is mapping your route. Yes, sound very simple but the outcome is unbelievable. This idea is under the Pulse of The City concept. The application traces your journey and generates a very high quality image from that. Sounds pointless but the outcome is gorgeous. I never thought that my way to grocery was amazing like this :)
Link for iTunes
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Plastic Mini Countryman at real size

There is a new battle in automotive industry and it is between small sized SUVs. A decade ago small sized SUV was something totally ridiculous and pointless, one decade ago we were not able to able to do no more than talking from our mobile phone and now we can do nearly everything. Nobody would ever predicted this kind of huge change in mobile phone technology. Like SUV market, nowadays nobody wants to buy an SUV for off road, they just want to buy it because you can park on pavement, no problem while snowing, it is easier to get in and bigger boot.
The definition of car totally changed by the SUVs. They are the iPods of automotive industry, once they appeared nothing remained the same. However SUV trend became more complicated and a bit boring. Any company which is able to assemble four wheels and one engine is offering an SUV. And they are becoming smaller every year, BMW X3 was suppose to be the smallest SUV but now it is a kind of mid-sized model.
When the size reaches Mini, Mini will in business! That’s only car which is big and Mini. Honestly, I don’t like Mini that much. The technology underneath the car is excellent, very cleverly made and very well engineered. But there are some problems like spotting too many, ridiculously high priced, people who are driving them is another issue. The iconic Mini turn into I made money and I wanted to buy something expensive thing, and anyone who has enough money to buy Mini immediately bought one. Mini became a symbol of wealth but this erodes its spirit. Instead of Mini, I would definitely go for Alfa Romeo MiTo or Fiat 500. I know they are not as good as Mini but I don’t want to be labelled by Mini!
Anyway, let’s forget my emotions about Mini and discuss about the huge Mini, Countryman. Today in Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham I spotted this new SUV. But it was fake, partial. Tyres were real and the rest was plastic. They placed lcd screen on windows and showing people. Those people are the ones who recorded their face during the event. I really don’t know the details, I am not that kind of person. This new Mini actually looks better than a normal Mini and probably more convenient than the normal one. It is more spacious, easier to get in, bigger boot, optional four wheel drive. That will be line between poor Mini Countryman owners and rich Countryman owners :) In general a good car which has a huge potential to fail.
Fail? Yes! Mini made a huge success when it was first revealed and sustained it for nearly one decade but as the product range extended the success did not extended that well. The Clubman which is a four door hatchback did not manage to achieve the same sales performance because that’s a big weird car and a bit further away from the Mini concept. Does this stop BMW to extend the range? Of course Nein! As the BMW loves to extend everything to its limits, they introduced the Countryman. Of course many snob people will buy this car and they will defend its character and etc. But Countryman has a very big competitor! This competitors boots as big as a Mini! And it is called Range Rover.
Range Rover Evoque, the new small SUV on market which will be available next year with Range Rover brand! As BMW knew this thing they rushed and introduced the Mini Countryman earlier ;) So they could eat the market before Range Rover arrives. However Mini may not compete with Range Rover like it compete with other small cars. Even though the Mini is a premium brand, Range Rover is the king brand! Unfortunately Mini never made the same impression like Range Rover.
Just, try with someone. Say Mini and say Range Rover and observe the facial differences. Unfortunately Range Rover means luxury, status, heritage and expensive! Mini also means similar thing but in a small scope. People bought Mini, because it was something different, interesting and part of popular cultures. But they buy Range Rover because it is comfortable, good off roader, exquisitely designed. And Range Rover brand is associated with these attributes, therefore it will have an absolute advantage over on Mini Countryman and also on BMW X1. X1 is the small, ugly SUV from BMW.
Mini Countryman will not a be huge failure but it won’t be easy to sell customers when there is an alternative called Range Rover! Objectively consider yourself in that position, you probably wish to own a Range Rover instead of a Mini. The team in Bullring was great, I can say better than the Countryman :)
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Running after Range Rovers

Range Rover Evoque, the most sexy mini SUV on planet. Actually the other one is BMW X1 and as usual it is not that sexy! That’s diet version of BMW X3, like Diet Coke which nobody drinks except women. Actually Mini will reveal a mini SUV called Countryman not designed for country sides or people who love country music. Just an obese Mini nothing that special, just pump more air to your too much popular Mini and you will have a Countryman.
The Evoque is offering something totally different. Until now, prototype cars were spotted in middle of nowhere and Nürburgring, Germany. So if you wish to have flash forward for automotive future, you have to go to Germany or to a desert. Both of the options are not the feasible! And this makes practically impossible to see a car which is covered with straps.
But Land Rover turned impossible to possible. If you are living or planning to visit London, New York, Sao Paulo, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Sydney, Shanghai and Moscow; you will probably see one of the sexy strapped Range Rover Evoques. In press release document, it was mentioned that these prototypes will be included to testing. Really! In Milan? Sorry what are you going to test there, I can answer to this question. Land Rover will be testing the ability of Evoque’s boot to be filled with shopping bag of fashion designers. As you know that, even if you buy a micro sized item from those stores, they put into a box which is much bigger than your kitchen!
In New York, they would be comparing the ability getting away from American SUVs, average size of American SUVs are twice the size of a proper Range Rover. So you do the maths! In Paris, they will be testing the interior materials resistant to different meals. In Madrid, engineers will be escaping from angry bulls to test the acceleration ability of the vehicle, if they could survive.
London, the capital of finance! Best place to test how cool is Evoque! Probably they will hanging going around Mayfair and City to measure the attention from people among other vehicles. Moscow, the best place for testing cool weather resistance. If you spot a frozen Evoque, consider your decision again! Sao Paulo, probably engineers and Evoques will not return. Why? Have you ever watch Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! I guess you found the answer. They will not return, will you return? Of course not! A Range Rover and future Victoria’s Secret models; nobody returns.
Berlin, I guess they will be testing velocity of maximum (maximum speed) in unlimited German autobahns. Sydney? I really don’t know what they will do there. It is too far but good area for testing heat and driving on endless roads. Shanghai, I think they should have sent more cars to China. They are the future market of automotive. Even if only one percentage of Chinese decide to buy an Evoque, it will more than whole world demand. And why there is no car designated for Istanbul? We have everything :) Endless traffic, city off road area like extreme steep hills (I don’t know how the normal cars climb there), stop and go traffic for long long long hours, lots of young potential ready to buy iPhone, Louis Vuitton and Range Rover, and engineers can have good time :)
Anyway, there is one important point in here. How we can find these Evoques? Running around London for whole day? In Sao Paulo, nobody will run after Evoque, believe me. These cars should be reporting their position via twitter. There is a website called Foursquare which allows you to post your exact GPS position into your twitter account. Actually I don’t know why I should report my position to people but many people are using this. With the help of this website and twitter, the exact positions of these vehicles can be sent to twitter and people can find these cars more easily. Also Land Rover can measure the attention more accurately. It is very basic stuff, you should use it.
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Push-up bra for Range Rover

Range Rover again, nowadays it became the most popular car brand on earth. With the help of Evoque, all media gave a respectful space for Range Rover. However they have missed something. While media was busy with Evoque, Range Rover also announced the revised Range Rover for next year.
They are improvements on interior quality, revised electronic, increased luxury and comfort and etc. Also they replaced their 3,6lt V8 diesel engine with 4,4lt V8 diesel engine! Yes, while everyone is downsizing Land Rover decided to upsizing. I don’t know is there a word existing as upsizing. But Land Rover did something really good!
When I first drove the Range Rover 3,6lt diesel, I felt the lack of second turbo. Firstly turbo is the most important thing for diesel engine. Without turbo, diesel means nothing! And if you have a huge car and huge engine, you should have twin turbo to keep car moving seamlessly. But the previous engine did not have the second turbo and it was a bit annoying. I told this many times, even in here. And I think Land Rover understood my emotions about the second turbo.
And now, Range Rover has its push-up bra, twin turbo powered engine. This new 4,4lt diesel engine has two turbo and this means, it will be moving unbelievably fast for something which is less heavier than the moon. It has 310 horsepower and 700 nm torque. 700 nm torque means, it is too much for any type of passenger vehicle :) Also Range Rover is coupled with new 8 speed auto transmission and rotary gear knob which was made to reduce costs and share parts with Jaguar.
Last time, I drove the Range Rover the traction control was letting too much wheel spin which was not happening with Mercedes M Class. As far as I see from their press release, the revised traction system is more emotional and will not tolerate too much wheel spin. The last thing which annoyed me with Range Rover was the nose diving while braking. This was mentioned by many people due to heavy engine. Unless the chassis is revised, this problem cannot be removed. Anyway who really cares :) Now Range Rover is powered by push-up turbo diesel engine.
I really like everything except the front bumper, as Clarkson mentioned this new face lifted Range Rover is not as good looking as the pre face lifted model. I totally agree with him. This new front is not that good! Anyway, if you have lots of money buy one and try it :)
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The new Range Rover: Evoque

Today we watched the launch of Range Rover Evoque formerly known as LRX. This is the new member of Range Rover family after Range Rover Sport. The launch of the Evoque was really magnificent, I really wish to be in Kensington Palace to see live. It was an excellent event, actually it was one of the best ones. I can say this clearly! Even though I watched the launch from web cast, I can understand that Land Rover paid very high attention. Instead of revealing it in motor shows, they made something totally unforgetabel. I really asked myself why I am not there and watching this from my computer’s screen. This is like watching the fashion show from TV or watching the world cup from TV. The feeling is the same!
Main theme of this event was the Evoque, when I make a reverse engineering to Evoque, I found out that it is evolved from Vogue and added E to represent electricity and g is replaced with q to pronounce it easier :)  Evoque will be the a competitor for BMW X1 and also Mini Countryman. I  don’t know anything about Audi Q1 or Mercedes small SUV model like MLK! Most probably they will introduce those model unless it won’t be rational for German brands.
As far as I understood from the speech, Evoque’s interior will not be made from blocks of plastic. If you ever seen the first Range Rover Sport, you can understand my concerns. It was totally covered with plastic, one step better than Discovery 3 and very far from Range Rover. If Land Rover will use plastic like old days or like they did it in Freelander, they should forget any unbelievable demand from customers. Because, they will immediately jump into Mini Countryman or BMW X1! Land Rover must forget the material plastic from interior. If it is Range Rover labelled, it should be a like a Range Rover. OK, I am not expecting the same luxury but please be reasonable, huge plastic buttons are not cool and you customer target is not polar bears!
Exterior design is beyond any Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle. I really don’t like three door SUVs but this one looks amazing! I would buy a four wheel drive model. I said four wheel drive model, because it will be optional! As the world has changed, Land Rover also changed and four wheel will not be standard on this car. If you want to drive without any problem during winter, you have to four wheel drive model. Actually buying a Land Rover or Range Rover with four wheel drive is like buying boots without their ropes! I am sure many people will buy the front wheel drive model but I won’t and you shouldn’t also. That’s a Range Rover, pay more, save more and buy four wheel drive model! Don’t buy iPhone and iPad and you will save enough money.
Everything was great with the event until Victoria Beckham. Yes, that’s the moment I became totally disappointed. When he was talking about designer, I was expecting to hear Nicole Farhi or Vivienne Westwood! Or Paul Smith or John Galliano or Tom Ford or Alexander McQueen or Thomas Pink! But not Victoria. I don’t have a problem with her but please be reasonable Range Rover is forty years old brand and you hired a popular culture designer !?! Sorry but, this is totally a wrong decision and it is too late. What will you offer next? Range Rover Victoria with animal print interior completed with diamonds? UK has many exquisite fashion designers. They are the best one on their league and also they are very respectful like a Range Rover! Actually I have never seen Nicole Farhi or Paul Smith on The Sun. No Comment!
My advice to Porsche, work with Karl Lagerfeld in your new SUV. Yes, you will have offer a small SUV! Everyone knows this. Karl Lagerfeld will be the best celebrity endorsement for your brand. And Maserati should be with Valentino, Rolls Royce can match beautifully with John Galliano.

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