Matte Red BMW X M50d with Designer Collection

Matte Red, the colour of passion! And the colour of BMW X5 M50d.. The most powerful diesel X5 ever produced! M50d is powered by a 3-lt tri-turbo diesel engine with 381 HP and 740 Nm of torque. And M50d needs 5.4 seconds to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) with the limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). When you consider the size of the BMW X5, these figures are ground breaking. However, I already wrote about M50d, why again?

This BMW X5 M50d is painted to matte red! Quite unusual to see an SUV in this colour, except it is ordered by fire brigade. And regarding to responses from Instagram and Facebook, I decided to create a story about it and try to make the story interesting for women readers.

As the colour of BMW X5 M50d is quite sexy, so I decided to give you five different dress, shoes and bags that offer the same colour as the X5.

If you are planning to buy this X5, you may easily can afford to buy these collections :) And this BMW X5 is available in BMW Park Lane, London dealer.

ALEXANDER WANG Ribbed Stretch-Knit Mini Dress £370
LANVIN Duchess Crepe and Silk-Satin Dress £2510
MICHAEL KORS Belted Stretch-Wool Crepe Dress £1140
DONNA KARAN Asymmetric-Pleats Satin Gown £3700

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI Asymmetric Ruched Crepe-Jersey Dress £1395
YVES SAINT LAURENT Tribtoo Suede Pumps 6′ £540
CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA The Dolly Suede Platform Pumps 6′  £595
JIMMY CHOO Quiet Patent-Leather Pumps £395
CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Interlopa 165 Fringed Suede Knee Boots £1495
GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Suede Peep-Toe Platform Ankle Boots £540
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Enameled Flower Box Clutch £1195
REED KRAKOFF Large Boxer Leather Tote £1095
VALENTINO Bow-Detailed Satin Clutch £530
GUCCI 1973 Leather Shoulder Bag £515
CHLOÉ Lucy leather clutch £1,765
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A night dress with big pocket by Mercedes-Benz

There are some things in life which you shouldn’t try! Like doing a bungee jumping without a rope, using industrial silicone for having plastic surgey or trying to produce a four door coupe estate. Interestingly Mercedes engineers did it. I don’t know how, but they suddenly decided to produce the world’s most weird looking coupe ever made.
I am pretty sure that, there are hundreds of reasons and lots of imaginary customers ready to buy an estate four door coupe! Like some women are looking for a night dress which has a pockets big enough to swallow everything inside their handbags. The logic is the same! I need for space for my sexy thing. Unfortunately, there is no one looks for a night dress with huge pocket because it ruins the look! Like a coupe which looks like an estate.
Mercedes will be producing a CLS with a huge boot. I have no idea what is the reason for this weird looking car. And I am definitely sure that, there will be senseless AMG version which nobody will ever buy it! An estate coupe car, the point of buying a coupe is have something sporty, not something looks like you will be running to Aldi with your family!

In near future we will see this interesting vehicle on roads, I hope Mercedes will never ever try to produce any dress :) And the dress is from Valentino.

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The new Range Rover: Evoque

Today we watched the launch of Range Rover Evoque formerly known as LRX. This is the new member of Range Rover family after Range Rover Sport. The launch of the Evoque was really magnificent, I really wish to be in Kensington Palace to see live. It was an excellent event, actually it was one of the best ones. I can say this clearly! Even though I watched the launch from web cast, I can understand that Land Rover paid very high attention. Instead of revealing it in motor shows, they made something totally unforgetabel. I really asked myself why I am not there and watching this from my computer’s screen. This is like watching the fashion show from TV or watching the world cup from TV. The feeling is the same!
Main theme of this event was the Evoque, when I make a reverse engineering to Evoque, I found out that it is evolved from Vogue and added E to represent electricity and g is replaced with q to pronounce it easier :)  Evoque will be the a competitor for BMW X1 and also Mini Countryman. I  don’t know anything about Audi Q1 or Mercedes small SUV model like MLK! Most probably they will introduce those model unless it won’t be rational for German brands.
As far as I understood from the speech, Evoque’s interior will not be made from blocks of plastic. If you ever seen the first Range Rover Sport, you can understand my concerns. It was totally covered with plastic, one step better than Discovery 3 and very far from Range Rover. If Land Rover will use plastic like old days or like they did it in Freelander, they should forget any unbelievable demand from customers. Because, they will immediately jump into Mini Countryman or BMW X1! Land Rover must forget the material plastic from interior. If it is Range Rover labelled, it should be a like a Range Rover. OK, I am not expecting the same luxury but please be reasonable, huge plastic buttons are not cool and you customer target is not polar bears!
Exterior design is beyond any Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle. I really don’t like three door SUVs but this one looks amazing! I would buy a four wheel drive model. I said four wheel drive model, because it will be optional! As the world has changed, Land Rover also changed and four wheel will not be standard on this car. If you want to drive without any problem during winter, you have to four wheel drive model. Actually buying a Land Rover or Range Rover with four wheel drive is like buying boots without their ropes! I am sure many people will buy the front wheel drive model but I won’t and you shouldn’t also. That’s a Range Rover, pay more, save more and buy four wheel drive model! Don’t buy iPhone and iPad and you will save enough money.
Everything was great with the event until Victoria Beckham. Yes, that’s the moment I became totally disappointed. When he was talking about designer, I was expecting to hear Nicole Farhi or Vivienne Westwood! Or Paul Smith or John Galliano or Tom Ford or Alexander McQueen or Thomas Pink! But not Victoria. I don’t have a problem with her but please be reasonable Range Rover is forty years old brand and you hired a popular culture designer !?! Sorry but, this is totally a wrong decision and it is too late. What will you offer next? Range Rover Victoria with animal print interior completed with diamonds? UK has many exquisite fashion designers. They are the best one on their league and also they are very respectful like a Range Rover! Actually I have never seen Nicole Farhi or Paul Smith on The Sun. No Comment!
My advice to Porsche, work with Karl Lagerfeld in your new SUV. Yes, you will have offer a small SUV! Everyone knows this. Karl Lagerfeld will be the best celebrity endorsement for your brand. And Maserati should be with Valentino, Rolls Royce can match beautifully with John Galliano.

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BMW and Land Rover Flickr Websites

Haute Couture Mini

As you might have noticed, I don’t write on weekends. Because, people don’t bother to use their computers. However, time to time there are exceptions for me, like today. Couple of months ago, Mini revealed the semi naked SUV concept car (Mini Beachcomber), which was like a haute couture of Mini. Haute couture is a type of clothes which are only made for Paris Fashion Show (Please correct me, if I am wrong). And they stay as haute couture, the marketing department does not willing to sell them just to increase their profit. Because, they may not be ideal for daily life. This Mini is the same; an SUV which does not offer any door, any top or anything which will help to cover the car! And it suppose to be an SUV.
This crazy idea was a concept car, which means it may not go into production and save automotive world from a ridiculous model! But Munich (BMW HQ) decided to produce this pointless SUV! And they told that, Mini never reveals a concept car which won’t go on production. That’s great! If you said this sentences in a movie like Gladiator, everyone will love it and you will be adored! But this is real life and you need to think twice sometimes. Especially, automotive industry; as the industry has a very bad reputation for introducing useless cars during last decade!
On paper everything might look nice, of course on paper economic crisis is a just a two words not more than that! This is the same, naked SUV! A new niche market which will be offering a unique way to injure yourself while driving it. Come on BMW, you are offering a four wheel drive car which does not even have a proper door! This is worse than anything else. I really wonder who is going to buy this? I can imagine this answer from Jeremy Clarkson but I am not going to write it here.
I am pretty sure that, there are many people who are ready to buy this car. However, those people will not help Mini to sustain its profit level. Because, they will buy this ridiculous car just to be different nothing else!
Anyway, whatever people say or write, BMW will produce this car and it will be a great material for Top Gear to entertain us. I am looking forward to hear the jokes and meet with people who will buy this naked SUV :) My opinion? Keep some concepts cars as concept!
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Worldcarfans and Valentino Websites
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The most elegant uncool car : )

This title sounds a bit irrelevant, if it is uncool how it can be cool? A contradiction! That’s the Mercedes R Class. It is one of the achievement of failure by Mercedes. This car is excellent on paper but disaster on real life. This is the most unwanted case while created a new segment by introducing a new car. However, things did not go well with R Class. It was highly priced or over priced like other Mercedes cars, consumers could not understand what it is. An estate car or SUV ! Actually it is a combination of an estate car and an SUV. It has a huge boot and four wheel drive system, but it is not very hard to get on it like a SUV and not ugly like an estate car and sufficient boots size unlike S Class.
In general, that’s a great car with ridiculous seating setting. 2 + 2 + 2, only six people could be accommodated and fifth person should seat in the third row which is quite hard to pass. So, Stuttgart realized this mistake after couple of years. It took very long time to realize their fehler! Then they offered proper seven seat setting with rear wheel drive option and it was still an excellent senseless car. Consumer could not identify what it is and it caused serious sales performance. Many times, rumours emerged and Mercedes was planning to stop producing R Class due to very low sales performance. Now it is on the edge for decision.
How this car became cool? I have noticed this car in movie “Valentino: The Last Emperor”, as I wrote recently, it is about Valentino and his fashion brand. And shootings made in daily life without a scenario and his car can be spotted more easily. And it is a Mercedes R Class, probably V6 model, if it was V8 model it will sound significantly different.
A fashion designer who contributed to fashion world for forty five years with remarkable design was driving a Mercedes R Class. So, automatically R Class became the most elegant uncool car on planet :) I think Mercedes should use this to catch attention on R Class !
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Movie; Valentino: The Last Emperor
Mercedes Website
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Questo titolo suona un po ‘irrilevante, se è cool come può essere cool? Una contraddizione! Questa è la Mercedes Classe R. E ‘una delle raggiungimento di fallimento da Mercedes. Questa vettura è ottima sulla carta, ma disastro sulla vita reale. Questo è il caso più indesiderate mentre creato un nuovo segmento con l’introduzione di una nuova auto. Tuttavia, le cose non sono andate bene con Classe R. E ‘stato molto a pagamento o su un prezzo come altre vetture Mercedes, i consumatori non riusciva a capire quello che è. Una station wagon o SUV! In realtà si tratta di una combinazione di una station wagon e un SUV. Ha un boot enorme e sistema di trazione integrale, ma non è molto difficile da ottenere su di essa come un SUV e non brutta come una station wagon e sufficiente a differenza di dimensione stivali S Class.
In generale, questa è una grande macchina con impostazione posti a sedere ridicolo. 2 + 2 + 2, solo sei persone potrebbero essere soddisfatte, a persona, quinta seduta in terza fila che è molto difficile da passare. Così, Stoccarda realizzato questo errore dopo paio di anni. Ci volle molto tempo per realizzare il loro Fehler! Poi hanno offerto corretta impostazione di sette posti con possibilità di trazione posteriore ed era ancora una vettura eccellente senza senso. Dei consumatori non potrebbero identificare ciò che è e che ha causato gravi performance di vendita. Molte volte, le voci emerse e Mercedes stava pensando di smettere di produrre Classe R, a causa della bassissima performance di vendita. Ora è al limite per la decisione.
Come questa macchina è diventato cool? Ho notato questa macchina nel film “Valentino: The Last Emperor, come ho scritto di recente, si tratta di Valentino e il suo marchio di moda. E riprese effettuate nella vita quotidiana, senza uno scenario e la sua macchina possono essere individuati più facilmente. Ed è una Mercedes Classe R, probabilmente V6 modello, se era il modello V8 suonerà notevolmente diversi.
Un designer di moda che hanno contribuito al mondo della moda per quarantacinque anni con un design degno di nota è alla guida di una Mercedes Classe R. Quindi, automaticamente la Classe R è diventata l’auto più elegante cool del pianeta:) Penso che Mercedes debba usare questo per attirare l’attenzione su Classe R!

Valentino: Last Emperor

Today I watched the movie “Valentino: The Last Emperor” and it was really nice movie. The story was discussing the passion of Valentino on his job, on his brand and trying to kept it isolated from other firms to buy it. All the time, we see one thing in Valentino; Passion! This passion emerged a brand and motivated him to stay in fashion business for forty five years. And transforming a name into a fashion icon.
Unfortunately, nowadays becoming a brand is associated with spending on PR and advertisement, finding some slogans, giving message and many more thing which you can easily find in magazines. Actually those things help to make a brand stronger but not for a long time. A brand can evolve into a proper brand only with passion! I know passion does not make cash but provides stamina to jump over obstacles.
Brand Valentino can be seen in automotive business also, especially Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin, TVR and many others are built up with passion and still lives with passion and under a different brand.
I think Valentino should extend its passion, essence and elegance to a car. But a very specific car which can define Valentino very easily and it should also reflect the elegance. It shouldn’t be a mass production car like German brand, uniqueness is the key element. Then it comes to Maserati. Beautifully designed, elegant, not a part of popular culture, passionate design. GranTurismo and Quattroporte models are fitting with Valentino brand to be expanded on automotive business.
Cars will offer only one colour, specially designed interior, every detail should preserve the Valentino signature and its engine should be remapped or anything else. Interior should not be preferred by customer, it will be offered by Valentino like they did with clothes. If consumers start to change colours and other thing, there won’t be any point to put a Valentino name on those cars.

Pictures are from;
Valentino and Maserati Websites

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Oggi ho visto il film “Valentino: The Last Emperor”, ed è stato davvero bello film. La storia stava discutendo la passione di Valentino per il suo lavoro, il suo marchio e cercando di teneva isolata da altre imprese per comprarla. Per tutto il tempo, si vede una cosa in Valentino; passione! Questa passione è emerso un marchio e spinto a rimanere in attività della moda per quarantacinque anni. E trasformare un nome in un icona della moda.

Purtroppo, al giorno d’oggi di diventare un marchio associato a spese per relazioni pubbliche e pubblicità, trovando qualche slogan, dando messaggio e molti altri che cosa si può facilmente trovare nelle riviste. In realtà queste cose contribuiscono a rendere un brand più forte, ma non per molto tempo. Una marca può evolvere in un marchio proprio solo con passione! So che la passione non fa cassa, ma fornisce la resistenza di saltare oltre gli ostacoli.

Marchio Valentino può essere visto in attività automobilistiche anche, in particolare Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin, TVR e molti altri sono costruiti con passione e vive ancora con passione e con un marchio diverso.

Penso che Valentino dovrebbe estendere la sua passione, l’essenza e l’eleganza di una macchina. Ma una macchina molto specifico che può definire Valentino molto facilmente e si dovrebbe anche riflettere l’eleganza. Non dovrebbe essere una macchina di produzione di massa come il marchio tedesco, l’unicità è l’elemento chiave. Poi si parla di Maserati. Splendido design, elegante, non una parte della cultura popolare, design appassionato. GranTurismo e Quattroporte sono modelli di raccordo con il marchio Valentino che può essere estesa business automobilistico.

Auto offrirà un solo colore, appositamente progettati interno, ogni dettaglio deve conservare la firma di Valentino e il suo motore dovrebbe essere rimappata o qualsiasi altra cosa. Interni non devono essere preferiti dal cliente, sarà offerto da Valentino come hanno fatto con i vestiti. Se i consumatori cominciano a cambiare i colori e altra cosa, non ci sarà nessun punto di mettere un nome di Valentino su tali macchine.