Walpole Press Day 2016

Walpole 2016 press day took place in Royal Institute of Great Britain on September. I know it is a bit late, but better late than never.

I was at the Walpole press day in 2016 and found some great British luxury brands. In particular, I was really impressed with the Brand of Tomorrow.

These brands are ones that will be very successful in the coming years. I can list some examples – Charlotte Olympia, Miller Harris, Bremont, Ormonde Jayne are some to watch out for.

Here are the Brand of Tomorrow from Walpole.

  • Aurelia Probiotic Skincare: A new British skincare brand providing women with next generation probiotic technology, selected Net-a-Porter just 8 weeks into trading
  • Blaze: Global urban cycling brand founded in 2012 by Emily Brooke, whose flagship bike light has been installed into London’s renowned Santander Cycles
  • Cubitts: Cubitts’ concept of modestly priced, handmade spectacles and sunglasses in classic British styles saw The Guardian name them Start-up of the Year
  • The Fold: New contemporary womenswear label now recognised as the go-to lifestyle brand for high-profile dressing by women worldwide
  • Half Hitch Gin: After rediscovering one of London’s former long-forgotten gin glories in Camden Lock, Mark Holdsworth developed his multi-award winning spirit, Half Hitch Gin
  • Milli Millu: London-based luxury handbag brand which has captivated top-ranking business women, global fashion editors and celebrities alike
  • Monreal London: Founded by Stefani Grosse in 2012, British activewear brand Monreal is defining the field of luxury activewear, with high-quality designer aesthetics combined with technical performance
  • Noble Isle: Inspired by the natural and cultural riches of the British Isles, each Noble Isle product leaves a unique impression set to become the new tradition in luxury bathing
  • Penrose Products: With sustainability and quality at the heart of their operation, British manufacturer Penrose offer luxury natural fibre bedding of unprecedented sustainability
  • Richard Brendon: Passionate about regenerating heritage craft industries, Richard Brendon’s skill lies in transforming past elements into striking modern designs
  • Solomon & Wu: A unique combination of craftsmanship, innovation and product is sought out by the finest architects around the world, with the brand proudly continuing a tradition of manufacturing British modern heritage pieces for the global luxury market
  • Tom Raffield: Practical in form and beautiful in nature, Tom Raffield’s heirloom worthy luxury handcrafted wooden lighting and furniture designs have been championed as the antiques of the future


Richard Brendon | Walpole Brands of Tomorrow

Richard Brendon is one of Walpole’s Brands of Tomorrow winners. These days it is really hard find an object with a unique design. In a world of dominated by Ikea-style products, the discovery of Richard Brendon’s collection was like a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

I really loved the whole collection. My favourite one is the Diamond Barware collection, especially the diamond cut details. These details resemble Bentley’s interior design and reflect their British heritage.

If you are planning to revive your kitchenware, this is probably the right time!


Richard Brendon Diamond Cut Richard Brendon - PATTERNITY F&M GROUP RB Bespoke Printed Colour RB Bespoke Hand Painted Colour Richard Brendon Mix & Match Lifestyle Richard Brendon Mix & Match Lifestyle Richard Brendon Details from Willow Cobalt Lifestyle image Richard Brendon - Reflect Lifestyle Richard Brendon Diamond Cut Richard Brendon  Arc Lifestyle Richard Brendon - Reflect Lifestyle

Photo Credits | Richard Brendon


Boodles Jewellery Collection | Walpole Luxury Press Day 2013

Boodles is one of the most iconic jewellery brand in UK since 1798 it is owned by the same company. Unlike other family run businesses, Boodles never lost the momentum and struggled with financial problems. As a result of this sustained growth in business and brand image, it is considered as one of the most iconic brands from UK.
Here some of the Boodles’s latest collection from the Walpole Luxury Press Day 2013.


Ettinger London at Walpole Luxury Press Day 2013

Ettinger London is one of the most iconic British leather goods brands. I had chance to see their whole collection last month during the Walpole British Luxury Brands event at Somerset House. All Ettinger products are made by exquisite craftmenship and hand-made. You won’t see a robot during the manufacturing process. That’s why Ettinger offers state-of-art attention to details. 
Ettinger product range starts from wallets to iPad covers and limited edition are also available, such as Bentley collection since 2005. The main reason Ettinger caught my interest is, you can find the same level of quality you find inside a Bentley car with the Ettinger leather products. 
Here some Ettinger collection; wallet, purses, iPad cases, brief cases, bags and others.
You can find the whole collection from their online store.


Clive Christian | The World’s Most Expensive Perfume

Clive Christian, the world’s most expensive perfume, with the Limited Edition version of Clive Christian No 1 Imperial Coronation. Their price range goes up to £600! Clive Christian is the most expensive perfume, not an eau de toilette! Perfume means that it is pure perfume and nothing else. Eau de toilette means a bit of perfume mixed with other things!

I have spoken with the Clive Christian team at the Walpole event, and found that their perfumes use the most expensive and highest quality ingredients. The women’s perfume is based on the Florentine iris, whose root is dried for two years and macerated for longer, making a total of five years! Rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and carnation lace the perfume.

Finally, Tahitian vanilla is spiced with Tonka seeds, cedar wood, sandalwood and musk amber. All these process and materials take time to complete and are totally unique. It is quite hard to make this perfume using mass production techniques and sustain the same quality. That’s why they charge a high price for the perfume. The perfume for men is made from lime, Sicilian mandarin and pink grapefruit, and heliotrope and lily of the valley. Compared to the women’s perfume, the men’s perfume is fresher and influenced with fruit tones.

The most expensive perfume is the Limited Edition version of Clive Christian No 1 Imperial Coronation. It has been created to celebrate the remarkable reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This limited edition is available in a total of 500 bottles – 250 for women and 250 for men.









Vertu Ti with Google Android

Vertu Ti, the Google Android powered Vertu phone. Many people were waiting for this phone. Unfortunately, the ties with the Nokia prevented Vertu to expand to Android market a bit late. However, late better than never! Vertu Ti model uses the Google Android operation system with a very competitive hardware configuration. 
During the Walpole British Luxury press day, I had chance to experience the Vertu Ti model. Ti is powered by a dual-core 1.7 GHz CPU with 1GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. I really don’t know why but Vertu Ti offers memory card expansion slot. Honestly, I found the memory card expansion slot a bit unnecessary. Many people never use it and become an unused feature of the many mobile phones. However, memory expansion is a plus for marketing purposes! 
The body of the Vertu Ti is made from titanium, literally it is unbreakable and delivers a very solid feeling. Moreover, the touch screen of Vertu Ti is from sapphire. Unlike other many other brands, Vertu is not using the legendary Gorilla Glass brand for the touch screen. Instead of that, Vertu developed the touch screen from a very tough material, sapphire. Literally, you cannot scratch it!
Vertu Ti offers an excellent Android experience, which you will not regret it. Also the exquisite craftsmanship of Vertu creates a great experience. However, the only down side the pixel-per-inch value, 252ppi. Apple and Samsung increased the competition for PPI values and the numbers became so high, even the normal eyes cannot understand difference. Despite the relatively low PPI value of Vertu Ti, the speakers are made by Bang & Olufsen!
Vertu Ti is a pure luxury technology good. Ti may not be very competitive in some areas but in overall, there is no alterative to Vertu Ti in luxury mobile phone market.


paul.a.young Fine Chocolates from Walpole British Luxury Press Day

paul.a.young fine chocolates, if you haven’t heard this brand you are really missing an amazing experience of chocolate. Hopefully I explored paul.a.young during the Walpole British Luxury Press day. And I assume it was the best experience I had during the event, thanks to chocolates.
paul.a.young is a chocolate brand, I know this does not sound that interesting. There are many different chocolate brands all around us. So what is the different? Why you should try paul.a.young instead of other brands. All the chocolate collection is hand made, there are some other chocolate brand are doing the same! However, none of them made the chocolate on each store! I know this sounds outstanding but it is real! paul.a.young choclates are made on the store, thus they are offered the freshest chocolates you can ever buy on market. And also organic, there are no any non-organic ingredients, you experience the real chocolate!
I have tried couple of their chocolates and they were amazing! I cannot describe my experience, you have to taste it.


Rachel Galley Jewellery at Walpole Luxury Press Day

Rachel Galley Jewellery at Walpole. Yesterday, I have attended the prestigious Walpole British Luxury Press Day. It was my first in this event and also first time at Somerset House in London. It was an amazing event with many exquisite brands. And one of these brands was Rachel Galley.
Rachel Galley is a contemporary jewellery designer, who started her own brand few years ago and managed to succeed important milestone in few years time. Actually, we always read the success stories of the huge brands. However, huge brands have a lot of money and connection and that’s normal to see when they achieve a success. It would be unusual to see if they fail. On the other hand, achieving goals for a new designer brand is a real success.
Rachel achieved this by unique and exquisite jewellery collection. I am not a jewellery expert but what I see from her designs, there is a serious amount of craftsmanship on her jewellery and designs, attention to detail what caught my interest. Attention to detail became more important as the iPhone introduced very strict tolerance and Audi’s unbelievable zero tolerance policy even for their entry-level cars. As a result of these extensive exposures for attention to details, I have noticed Rachel’s commitment very clearly from her work.
Rachel uses silver and gold for her collection and each piece is handmade, not mass production! That’s a big plus for the brand.
Anyway, have a look at her collection and check Rachel’s website for the other designs.