Mini Animal Print: Sexy and We Know It

Finally a car company offers an animal print with a car, I suggested this more than a year ago but I meant for interior not for exterior! Mini created an exhibition model covered with animal skin, a bit different from my idea. Exterior of this Mini is like an animal skin, I am sure it is fake but it is very well done job!
This car is a normal Mini Cooper inside but the outside is totally matching with any fashion season! This is sexy looking car is unfortunately cannot be sold! It is only for show purpose. I know many women customers desire to own one, but it would be really hard to maintain the animal exterior clean!
If you want to see this car, just go to Mini Park Lane in London.  And there are some fashion tips matching with the Mini! For this car, the best matching song is, Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO
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For the fashion item: (Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Dress)

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Last Post of 2011: Jimmy Choo Coffee Sleeve!

Many people usually say, there is no point to spend money on Porsche Design pen, Ferrari watch or Bentley iPad case! From one point of view, this is right. These products have higher prices due their brand, not based on their functionality. I totally understand this interpretation.

And now, people who complain about Porsche Design or Ferrari store products; tell me what you think about a leather coffee sleeve by Jimmy Choo. This superb product offers to insulate the heat generate by the coffee and transferred to your hand through a leather cover. In normal conditions, every coffee shop provides free sleeve made from paper. However, some people thought this is not showing my style and my wealth. And started to look for other alternatives. As Jimmy Choo realised this opportunity and released a stylish, expensive and a bit pointless leather coffee sleeve!
Excellent gift idea, if you want to buy something from Jimmy Choo!
Porsche Design or Ferrari store are not alone anymore!

If you want to buy!

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A new trend, animal print interior for pink cars

Last week I saw the pink Fiat 500 for the first time. Of course, this is not something very unusual; pink is normal colour like red, blue or white. The interesting point when you offer pink as a colour option in a car, you directly targeted to women customers. Probably no man will ever buy a pink coloured car! Okay, may be a very cheap pink Bugatti Veyron can find some men customers but in general terms pink is for women.
Offering pink in colour range of a car is a risky decision. Some of the potential men customers place the car into “ignore it” section and you might loss some customers. On the other hand, it can be beneficial! Women customers tend to shop quicker than men, this is something very clear :)
This can make the pink colour as a reasonable option in automotive industry. Especially I can suggest this for Mercedes CLC! As the CLC is a total catastrophe, what can go wrong more? Just add pink colour to option list and you might have some new women customers. Actually Fiat 500 and Nissan Micra are offered in pink colour, honestly I did not see them on street that much but I am pretty sure that some people bought them.
However, the car companies do not take more serious action. Once you ruined the image of car by offering pink don’t stop there! Continue! And animal print option for interior. I am serious, just imagine. A pink Fiat 500 with animal print interior. If this car does not sell, I will not talk about car again! How I came up to this point? Just look at Vogue or Elle, everything is in animal print. Cheap brand, luxury brands, all of them are offering this.
I guess after the collaboration with Land Rover and Victoria Beckham, we can see these kind of interesting combination in Land Rover vehicles.
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Fiat, Jimmy Choo and Nissan Websites

What to wear with my Aston Martin Cygnet ?

I do know that Aston Martin is a very sexy car! But there is a minor issue with Cygnet, it is based on a Toyota iQ. The best looking small car with pathetic infrastructure, welcome real world :)

I really admire the work of Aston Martin design team, they have created the best looking small car from a Toyota, and I consider this as a great achievement!

A few hours ago, I have just seen the new pictures of Cygnet! And I assume that, it will be ladies the most favourite car :) Cygnet is offered by various paint jobs. You can have animal print, your favourite paint or anything else. It is totally unlimited! This is very good way to add a character to a car, and differentiate it on market. Cygnet seriously needs this!

Everyone knows, that’s a Toyota, but offering a unique character to each individual model will help people forget the Toyota factor hindered inside the body!

Anyway, after this unique paint job offering, I am pretty sure that, many ladies who never thought about the Cygnet will be yearning to own one with their favourite animal print. Why? Because, it will be matching with their hand bags and shoes ;) And you might see this kind of fashion photo in Vogue in near future :) Which shoes fits with your Cygnet best ! Cars are becoming part of fashion ;)
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Aston Martin and Net-A-Porter Websites

Porsche Design for H&M

When we will see this slogan in advertisements? H&M worked with Jimmy Choo, Comme des Garcons, Karl Lagerfeld, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Viktor and Rolf, Roberto Cavalli and Elio Fiorucci. Every year H&M offers a special collection from a very luxury fashion designer and people rush into H&M stores to grab one of them. Offering limited edition clothes, shoes and accessories boost their sales and strength their brand image, also helps to improve brand royalty. This strategy became a part of H&M’s marketing strategy and every year, there is a new brand to offer.
As H&M worked with nine different fashion brands (may be more), I am expecting to see Porsche Design for next year. Why not? I love Porsche Design and I want to buy them with reasonable price :) All of those brands are luxury and their fanatics had chance to buy the reasonable priced ones by H&M, like ladies are buying Jimmy Choo from H&M. I know Porsche Design is working with Adidas but they could do an exception! I know that, if Porsche Design will be in H&M its brand image and target group may not fit with this picture. The others managed this very well, I think Porsche Design can do it also ;)

Clutch vs. Clutch

Last year I heard some ladies talking about clutch in New Bond Street, London. The street holds luxury fashion brands and talking about clutch in front of Prada store. Then I learned that clutch is a type of bag, of course they weren’t talking about the clutch which manual cars have between gearbox and engine.
Interesting synonym!
I think, I don’t need to describe the other cluch which we all know. Even if don’t know it, I am sure that one day any of us smelled the burned clutch.
Don’t miss confuse two different products :)
Here is the two pictures for clutch. One from Ferrari F50 and the other one is from Jimmy Choo.
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