What is the Cars at Michael Kors Advertisement? McLaren 12C Spider

Contemporary fashion designer Michael Kors recently published a new advertisement on Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and other fashion magazines. There is nothing unusual with this, however I noticed that Michael Kors decided to use the McLaren 12C Spider. McLaren 12C Spider designed by the legendary car designer Frank Stephenson and offers state-of-art performance.
How I understand it was McLaren? Very simple! The seats, wind mirror and how the doors open upside. I assume PR agency of Michael Kors and their PR department never thought that someone will able to identify the vehicle but I did it :)

Frank Stephenson Talk About McLaren P1

Frank Stephenson‘s visit to Singapore was not for buying cheap Apple products, he went there for the McLaren latest car P1. P1 is a very reasonably priced car with a one-million euro price tag. And this makes it absolutely cheaper than the Bugatti.
Anyway, Frank did an interview during the visit and I managed to found it on YouTube.

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Frank Stephenson Interview at STORM

Interview with Frank Stephenson at STORM magazine from Singapore. Design director of McLaren, Frank Stephenson was in Singapore couple of weeks ago, based on my paparazzi technics! During his business trip, he did an interview with a Singapore magazine called STORM.
You can read the interview from the link here :) Frank Stephenson Interview at STORM

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What Car Lady Gaga Drives? McLaren MP4-12C Spider

Lady Gaga drives a McLaren MP4-12C Spider is the answer for the question, what car Lady Gaga drives? Actually she is not driving, she is sitting at passenger seat. Anyway, we consider Lady Gaga owns a McLaren MP4-12C Spider!

And this indicates that Lady Gaga has knowledge on cars. Because, McLaren MP4-12C Spider is a Formula 1 car packed in an everyday drivable design. The technologies involved with the MP4-12C Spider is not quite common to spot at any other cars, therefore people who prefer MP4-12C means they know about cars!

Two weeks ago, I spotted the design director of Frank Stephenson driving a McLaren MP4-12C Spider and this week Lady Gaga. Which is cooler? Spotting a designer driving his own design. Sorry Lady Gaga!

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Frank Stephenson Caught Driving McLaren MP4-12C Spider

Frank Stephenson caught driving McLaren MP4-12C Spider at Warwick. My title sounds like I started to work like a paparazzi. Actually, it might be a better blogging environment with funny content. 
Design director of McLaren, Frank Stephenson today arrived Contechs Design Awards ceremony at Warwick with an orange McLaren MP4-12C Spider. Actually, it is quite hard to spot Frank Stephenson driving his own design MP4-12C but thanks to my luck an in-depth investigation, I manage to spot him inside one.
If you are planning to catch Frank, it is quite hard, he is all around the world all the time ;)


The Third Generation MINI is Coming // New New New MINI

The third generation MINI coming! Actually, the present MINI is the new one. I mean Frank Stephenson designed the new MINI. And we call the MINI that we spot on the street as the new MINI. However when the product lifecycle of the new MINI came to an end, BMW revealed another new MINI. Thus, the second generation MINI is the new New MINI and the new New MINI is going to be replaced soon and the third generation will be new new New MINI. And this conversation goes forever and it will be as senseless as the chicken and egg dilemma
Literally, Frank Stephenson designed the new MINI. And BMW revised the new MINI and created the second generation and now they revised again and third generation is going to be available. And sorry for the confusing and non-sense new MINI conversation :)
And if you are thinking who is Frank Stephenson, here is my interview with him :) Moreover, if you are interested to cars and have no idea who is Frank, this is similar to: I love fashion so much, but I never heard of Karl Lagerfeld. I am not joking, I heard this sentence from a fashion designer student!

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Ferrari Manettino Switch: What is That Red Knob on Ferrari’s Steering Wheel?

What is that red knob on Ferrari’s steering wheel? I heard this question many times for quite some time. People don’t know what is the red knob or switch place on each Ferrari’s steering wheel. It is called Manettino.

Manettino switch enables Ferrari drivers to change the characteristics of their Ferrari between different settings. Except Ferrari California, Manettino switch settings are; WET, SPORT, CT OFF and ESC OFF. Driver can choose between these settings by moving the Manettino switch on desired position, however you cannot move the Manettino into ESC OFF settings. To choose ESC OFF settings, you need to hold the switch at ESC OFF position for couple seconds and the Ferrari selects that settings. ESC OFF means, everything is off except airbags and ABS!

Who designed the Manettino? Manettino is designed by Frank Stephenson and he was inspired by the knobs on the Ferrari’s F1 car’s steer wheel. Literally, Manettino switch is directly transferred from the Formula 1 technology.











How to Make Viral Photos? A Lesson by Frank Stephenson

How to make viral photos? This question is one of the key elements of many PR and marketing people. They all want to create a photo that will be shared by many people and their brand will be promoted. This is a very good way to promote the brand and also this will lead your brand to be placed unconsciousness part of the mind.
However, it is not that easy to create viral photos. But I have the recipe for that. And it is very simple.
First: You need to have a brand, which well known.
Second: You need to have design director, who has sense of humour.
Unfortunately , this simple recipe works only for McLaren. McLaren is a well known brand with a designer director who has a sense of humour, Frank Stephenson.
Here is the Frank working at the reception of McLaren Beverly Hills dealer. 

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Someone at McLaren Beverly Hills Dealer


Improved McLaren MP4-12C at London Dealer

McLaren MP4-12C is the second car wholly designed and manufactured by McLaren after McLaren F1. MP4-12C does not have a very charming and marketing friendly model name but that’s the only drawback. MP4-12C is designed by Frank Stephenson and you can watch my interview with him about MP4-12C on YouTube.
Last week, I visited the McLaren’s London dealer in Knightsbridge, placed under the most expensive apartment One Hyde Park. Like the factory, McLaren dealer is designed with perfection. And they show the improved version of MP4-12C with a special colour, Kiwi Green.
This MP4-12C is no different than the previous one, actually only minor things have changed and except vehicle rise system and door button, the rest of the software upgrade can be applied to existing owners with no extra cost.
The revised MP4-12C has more power, 625 HP without any revision on engine or exhaust, just a new software. New gearbox software to improve gear shifts. There is a new lightweight wheel design. Software update on in-car entertainment system to improve sound system and experience.
Unfortunately, physical door button is not available to apply to existing vehicles due to technical issues. But, it is better than the touch sensitive button. And I was sure that, McLaren is going to replace iPhone style door opening system. It was too sensitive for adverse weather conditions. Another cleaver feature that cannot be applied is the rising vehicle for speed bumps and adverse road conditions. This is a must for fast cars!
And McLaren is going to keep developing the MP4-12C and offer these updates with no extra cost to existing owners. Because, McLaren is a Formula 1 company and each season the F1 car is developed all the time. Therefore, McLaren transferred this philosophy mass production road car, MP4-12C to reflect McLaren DNA.
And thanks for the great hospitality to McLaren London Dealer.


Maserati Quattroporte at 7 AM. Photos from Instagram

Maserati Quattroportre, I never get bored of writing about this car. And I don’t like to repeat the same topics in my blog but I cannot stop writing about Quattroporte.

This morning we all woke up with fire alarm in my apartment, and everyone evacuated the building. This is not something really interesting or unusual but at 7 AM, and I saw a parked Maserati Quattroporte in front of the apartment. This is not something very interesting to blog about either, this Quattroporte is on production since 2004.

However, it still does look magnificent. I really don’t know how the Quattroporte still looks new and charming. I think I need to ask this question to Frank Stephenson, who designed the Quattroporte. Why I am saying charming, on 7 AM with partially sleepy like many of the people who are coming up from the apartment, I looked at the Quattroporte again. I know this car for eight years and there is nothing different, it is the same car.

But the details of the design makes us to look again and again, I think Maserati Quattroporte ignites our basic instincts. And we look again and again to Quattroporte every time we see one.

Maserati Quattroporte (Normal / S / Sport GT S) engine options are 4.2-lt V8 400 PS, 4.7-lt V8 430 PS, 4.7-lt V8 440 PS. The acceleration times (0-100 kph) are 5.6 seconds, 5.4 seconds, 5.1 seconds. With the top speed of 270 KPH, 285 KPH, 287 KPH.

And here some photos of Maserati Quattroporte from Instagram.

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