Jaguar XKR-S New Photos

Jaguar XKR-S, Jaguar’s the most powerful car. However I will not talk about its power, today I had the opportunity to take pictures of XKR-S in a very sunny British weather. Actually, this is more interesting than the XKR-S performance figures :) 
Today was a really hot day in UK and there were nearly no clouds in the sky and I had the opportunity to take photos without adjusting many settings to compensate the lack of light on XKR-S
Jaguar XKR-S is powered by a 5-lt supercharged V8 petrol engine with 550 PS and 680 Nm of torque. XKR-S only needs 4.4 seconds to reach 100 kph (62 mph). I am not mentioning about the consumption, unfortunately these cars are not in the hybrid class economy level. XKR-S consumers petrol, because it needs to produce 550 PS of power :)


Jaguar XJ Supercharged: Again

Jaguar XJ Supercharged, I mentioned about XJ before and I don’t like to repeat the same topic. However, I really love the XJ Supercharged! It is one of the best alternatives to Maserati Quattroporte. I do know that XJ diesel models are largely driven by a chauffeur, instead of the owner. However, XJ Supercharged is a car that has to be driven by its owner!
The supercharged V8, sportive chassis, communicative steering wheel instantly change your perception and you think that XJ is not a big car! I think that the perfect word to describe Jaguar XJ Supercharged, it does not feel like it is big. Therefore, XJ is fun to drive.
I know, German rivals may offer more options but they are more expensive. XJ looks amazing, drives great, passionate, good priced and does not feel big. If you don’t care about petrol price, go buy one!

·         Acceleration 0-to-60 mph
·         Max. speed – mph
·         Max. power – (EEC PS) @ rpm
·         Torque – (EEC Nm) @rpm
·         Driven wheels
· 4.7 secs
·  Limited to 155
· Rear
·         Engine  
·         CO2 g/km
·         Combined Fuel Economy (mpg)
·         Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)
·         Kerb Vehicle Weight (kg)
·         Insurance Group
· AJ-V8 Gen III
· 289 g/km
· 23.4mpg
· 85
· 1892
· 50


Tesla Model S: Luxury Electric Car

Tesla Model S is recently revealed to public. Unlike previous Tesla Model based on Lotus, Model S is manufactured by Tesla with their own design concept. As you know that Tesla is a premium electric car manufacturer, unlike Fisker there is no on-board generator to charge the batteries. In Tesla you need to charge the car by plugging into electric socket.
Let’s go backs to Model S. From the rear there are similarities with Jaguar XF, and creates the foor-door coupe look. And from the front, Model S is really unique and does not look like an electric car. One of most appealing features of Tesla Model S is the 50/50 weight balance that usually features by sports car manufactures. This weight balance provides perfect handling and being lack of heavy engine and gearbox, Tesla Model S will offer a very unique driving experience.
The shocking feature of Tesla Model S is the air suspensions. You neither read wrong nor I made a typo, Model S features air suspensions to improve comfort. Yes, air suspensions do improve the comfort but you need power to control them; especially for raising the vehicle. And power is the main issue of electric cars. When the road is demanding and Model S needs to adjust the air suspension more than usual, you will reduce range and also raising the vehicle will reduce the range as well. Therefore, I really wish to see an objective test for the air suspensions in Tesla Model S’s impact on the range.
Tesla Model S also offers electric power steering wheel. As you understand, it is powered by electricity and Model S is powered by electricity, so another extra weight on the range.
With Model S, you have four different battery options like four different engine options. Model S can be ordered with 40 kWh , 60 kWh, 85 kWh and 85 kWh Performance batteries. I have never seen this before on an electric car, great marketing job!

40kWh: 256 km – 160 mls range; 6,5 sec (0-96 kph – 0-62 mph acceleration); 176 kph – 110 mph top speed

60kWh: 368 km – 230 mls range; 5,9 sec (0-96 kph – 0-62 mph acceleration); 192 kph – 120 mph top speed

80kWh: 480 km – 230 mls range; 5,6 sec (0-96 kph – 0-62 mph acceleration); 200 kph – 125 mph top speed

80kWh Performance: 480 km – 230 mls range; 4,4 sec (0-96 kph – 0-62 mph acceleration); 208 kph – 130 mph top speed

Interior quality of Tesla Model S is amazing, it is a real premium car. However, touch screen user interface may not be that good whilst driving the car. The problem of touch screen is, there is no feedback from the buttons and driver can easily be distracted by this. Volkswagen mentioned about this problem of touch screens and they try to categorise user interface into physical buttons and touch screen. And I support this. However, I didn’t try Model S yet!
Overall, Tesla Model S is an extremely well made electric car but, due to lack of on-board generator, power consuming air suspension, lack of charging station and long hours are charging are the main handicaps of electric cars. If you are travelling in city, Model S will satisfy your demands but it is quite risky to take longer journeys. In order to drive lingers journeys with electric cars, the battery technology must be improved and this will lead vanish the bias on electric cars and also charging hours should be shorter. Otherwise, electric cars will stay as a niche market. It will not go bankrupted but only small part of the population will benefit from electric cars. If you live in Monaco, Tesla Model S is a perfect car, but if you are planning to travel between Hamburg and München, I am not hat sure. Again, go have a test drive and make your own judgement.

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Facelift BMW 7-Series vs. Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8

BMW 7-Series is received facelift. For quite long time, everyone was expecting to see the facelift BMW 7-Series. It was spotted in Nürburgring many times under heavy camouflage and finally we have the official image of face lifted BMW 7-Series!
When you first look at the BMW 7-Series with facelift, you won’t notice a major difference from the previous one. But the difference lays in details. BMW 7-Series with facelift offers more competitive features! Full LED headlights, this means you never need to replace your headlights because LED never breaks down. Okay, it breaks down but quite rarely! Hopefully, 3D navigation is available with  BMW 7-Series with facelift. Now, you will have a great view on your navigation screen. 
There are new engines as well, and 8-speed automatic gearbox standard with %25 better fuel economy. Honestly, do BMW 760i owners really care about the fuel efficiency? If you are not into V12 petrol engine, a second generation BMW 7-Series ActiveHybrid 7 is also available. 
The chassis is revised as well and rear air suspension became standard. However, you cannot have air suspension in front wheels! I really don’t why BMW keeps ignoring this. Audi A8 and Mercedes S-Class offer air suspension in the front and in the end but, BMW tries to keep it in the rear. And BMW Night Vision + Dynamic Light Spot, anti-dazzle LED High-Beam Assistant, BMW Parking Assistant, Driver Assistant Plus, Active Protection are available.
Active Protection is similar to Mercedes Pre-Safe technology. Active Technology has to two functions. First, it scans the driver’s driving behaviour, engine parameters, steering wheel angle and if BMW 7-Series detects fatigue in your driving behaviour, 7-Series will warns you. The second function is the detecting any possible crash. If BMW 7-Series identifies a possible accident, seat belts will be tightened, windows and sunroof will be closed. Thus, injury from a possible crash will be minimized. This system is available in Mercedes under the name of Pre-Safe. BMW 7-Series will also apply brake, if a crash is unavoidable and driver does not pay attention. All these data transferred from various sensors, front camera or radar.
You can also open the boot of BMW 7-Series with facelift by moving your foot under the boot. This system sounds really practical! Additionally all these systems, you will have ABS, DSC, DTC (Dynamic Traction Control), CBC (Corner Brake Control), DBC (Dynamic Brake Control), Dry Braking, Fading Compensation (Increases brake pressure, if brakes are too hot), Start-off Assistant, Dynamic Damping Control, Dynamic Drive Anti-Roll Stability is optional and buy it. It does worth the money. This system improves the driving pleasure.
And last news is the shocking one! BMW 7-Series with facelift features a high resolution screen instead of analog instrument panel. It is similar to Jaguar XJ’s instrument panel but with a way much better resolution.
In my opinion, BMW 7-Series looks really beautiful, compared to Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8. It offers state-of-art technology. And focused on more sportive character than Mercedes S-Class. If I take out Jaguar XJ and Maserati Quattroporte, I would definitely buy a BMW 7-Series.
Technical Details: (x Drive represents all-wheel-drive technology)
BMW 740i: 6-cylinder, TwinPower Turbo petrol, 320 PS of power, 450 nm of torque, 184 CO2
BMW 750i and 750i xDrive: V8, TwinPower Turbo petrol, 450 PS of power, 650 nm of torque, 199 CO2
BMW 760i: V12, TwinPower Turbo petrol, 544 PS of power, 750 nm of torque, 299 CO2
BMW 730d / 730d xDrive: 6-cylinder, 258 PS of power, 560 nm of torque, 158 CO2
BMW 740d / 740d xDrive: 6-cylinder, 313 PS of power, 630 nm of torque, 159 CO2
BMW 750d / 750d xDrive: 6-cylinder, 381 PS of power, 740 nm of torque, 169 CO2

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Jaguar XJ Taxi

Jaguar XJ Supersport is the most powerful XJ model by its 5-lt supercharged engine with 510PS of power. Unfortunately, these figures are not suitable for a taxi. It would be too expensive to run and pointlessly powerful! It is similar to use Louis Vuitton luggage set to travel around the world in economic class. However, Louis Vuitton luggage set has a place to be used and Jaguar XJ has a place to be driven as a taxi.
Recently Jaguar revealed a taxi for Nürburgring, XJ Supersport with Sport and Speed Pack (The Sport pack sounds a bit funny after Supersport). Sport pack provides, sport seats and exterior changes to emphasise sportive character. Speed Pack increase the speed limit from 250 KPH (155 MPH) to 280 KPH (174 MPH). As this XJ will be taxiing around the one of the brutal circuits in the world, the interior features a roll cage with four-point seatbelts!
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information about what XJ Nürburgring Taxi will do but I am sure it will be similar to BMW’s M5 Nürburgring Taxi. BMW was offering a quick lap with the M5 around the circuit. Probably, Jaguar will offer the same.

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Jaguar XJ with 2-lt Turbo Engine

Jaguar XJ with 2-lt four-cylinder turbo petrol engine. You didn’t read anything wrong or I didn’t type anything wrong! Jaguar is the first car company to offer a large saloon with a 2-lt petrol engine. This is a new path in automotive industry; for many years large saloons were offered with massive engines. At those years, there were no problems with fuel price, tight taxation and emission. However, things have changed and companies started to downsize their engines. First, Mercedes offered 2.2-lt diesel engine in current S-Class (a competitor of XJ) and now Jaguar reduced the size up to 2-lt but runs with petrol. For many people, these engines are insufficient, not fast enough and etc etc. However, things have changed. If you can surf on internet from your mobile phone, you shouldn’t complaining about the downsized engines. These engines provide the same level of performance with lower fuel consumption. 
Jaguar’s new 2-lt turbocharged engine produces 240 PS of power and 340 nm of torque. These figures used to be found in 3-lt engines. Now, thanks to turbo chargers and reduces friction inside the engine, a 2-lt pocket size engine can provide this huge amount of power. 
So what will happen? If Jaguar can manage to market this car properly in emerging markets like Turkey, Russia, China where the car taxation is really high. Many people will buy Jaguar XJ instead of BMW 7-Series, Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8. If you are not obsessed with German car’s electronic gadgets and willing to pay lots of money for them, Jaguar XJ will definitely satisfy your needs! 
This engine will also be available in Jaguar XF. What happens with engines are similar to this in fashion, moving from real leather to faux leather. And people does not stop buying Stella McCartney, because her shoes and bags are not from real leather!

Technical Information: 
2.0 I4 240 Turbocharged Petrol
Engine type:four-cylinder, in-line petrol, turbocharged
Capacity (cc):1999
Bore/stroke (mm):87.5/83.1
Peak power ([email protected]):[email protected]
Peak torque (Nm/lb [email protected]):340/[email protected],000
0-60mph (secs):7.5 (in XF and XJ)*
Top speed (mph):150 (in XF and XJ)*
*Manufacturer’s estimates. All figures correct at time of going to press.

Pictures’ Copyrights
Net-A-Porter, Jaguar


Jaguar XJ Ultimate iPad

Jaguar XJ Ultimate, a new line in Jaguar’s biggest car XJ. During the Beijing Auto Show, Jaguar revealed the Ultimate. It may not sound that different but the interior received a serious upgrade and became one of the best interior on market. Actually, the level of craftsmanship and quality look quite similar to Rolls Royce and Bentley. 
Like its competitors (Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8), Ultimate offers individual two seat at the rear, so you don’t have to get close with the other passenger. And best part is champagne chiller! I don’t know why the automotive industry is obsessed with champagne chiller, each luxury brand offers this features. So, if you are very rich and driven by a chauffeur, you have to drink champagne not water or anything else, champagne.
Jaguar also follows the trend of placing iPads inside car and Ultimate come with two iPads with wireless keyboard. The only problem will be, when people see the sharp screen of iPad and then they see the blur navigation and instrument panel screens of XJ, they might be disappointed with this. Because, Jaguar’s navigation and instrument panel screens are below the contemporary technology standards in terms of pixel per inches. When you have opportunity to compare with iPad, you will understand the difference.
I hope Jaguar will replace these screens soon!

If you want to know what is this pixel per inch, here is the answer!
Last generation iPad has 264 PPi!

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Jaguar F-Type is Back

Today the New York Motor started, but with a great start with the news from Jaguar. I don’t want make the conversation longer. The iconic Jaguar F-Type is back! It is going to be built later this year. It will be all-aluminium construction, range of petrol engines will be offered. And hope not to see any diesel engines as well! And it will be on sale in mid 2013!
This car going to be a real competitor on the market! I am pretty sure that; Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini may loss customers to F-Type. This also depends on the performance figures of the new F-Type as well!
So, start saving money ;)

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Jaguar XKR-S

As I promised, I am writing about the cars from the Jaguar Land Rover event. And I would like to start with Jaguar XKR-S. XKR-S is the lunatic version of the Jaguar XK! The extra two letters R-S may not seem like a big difference but these two words make the difference between day and night.
XK is a very nice GT car, you can drive for long journeys. It will always responses to your demands, everything is nicely packed, good handling and you know the rest. However, the XKR-S does the same things but in a more lunatic way. Because, it has a supercharged 5-lt petrol engine produces 550 PS of power and 680 nm of torque. And it is only 1,7 tonnes! With more basic words, this car accelerates and drives like crazy! Even if you are passenger, you can feel the power of the acceleration momentum in your whole body. Also, this car never shifts up the gears until you wish. In manual mode, gears not shifted automatically and sticks to desired one!
When I first saw this car, I never expected this level of engagement with the driver and exposure of power. It looks a bit over styled by the spoiler and a bit funny looking air intakes. You may be thinking, this car is just an over styled version of normal XK. But this is totally wrong! These entire design bits precisely explain the lunatic character of the car. Nothing is exaggerated, actually what you see is nothing.
And it is not limited with the engine, the gearbox, steering wheel, suspension. Everything is so well design, works with harmony with each other. It may not be as accurate as a Porsche 911, or delivers the Formula 1 technology like Ferrari. But, it is definitely a car that can blow you mind off. The engine is so powerful that you need to train your foot to avoid spinning the wheels even the traction is on. This is the only car that you should drive it in winter mode in daily basis, still winter mode does not make this car a domestic pet; it is still a lion!
The surprising thing with XKR-S is the engagement of the car with the driver. This is a real driver’s car and you would love to drive more and more. It may not look like an Aston Martin but it is way better than an Aston Martin.
In my opinion for this price tag, you cannot get something better! Of course, there are some minor issues with the car. The navigation screen is slow acting and blur, they have to replace the screen with a better resolution one. And the electric windows’ control buttons look cheap for this car. However, you won’t be interested on these thing while you driving.
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OTR £97,000
Two Door Coupe
Interior Trim:  WARM CHARCOAL
Interior veneer: PIANO BLACK
 Technical Information
·          Acceleration 0-to-60 mph
·          Acceleration 0-to-100 kph
·          Maximum speed – mph / kph
·          Maximum power – PS @ rpm / min
·          Torque – (EEC Nm) @rpm / min
·          Driven wheels
·          Engine 
4.2 secs
4.4 secs
186 / 300
550 / 405
6000 – 6500
680 / 502
2500 / 5500
AJ-V8 Gen III 5.0L
·          Emissions Class
·          Transmission
·          Combined Fuel Economy (mpg)
·          Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)
·          Kerb Vehicle Weight (kg)
·          CO2 g/km
Euro 5
6-speed auto

 Safety and Security

·          Remote control central locking with dead locking and drive-away locking
·          Microwave intrusion sensing
·          Engine immobiliser
·          Valet mode
·          Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
·          Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
·          Roll-over Protection System (Convertible only)
·          Airbags front and side (driver and front passenger)
·          Adaptive Restraint Technology System (A.R.T.S.TM)
·          Front and rear seat belt pre-tensioners
·          Front seat whiplash reduction system
·          Belt minder system (front seats only)
·          ISOFIX
·          Pedestrian Contact SensingTM – Automatically deployable bonnet system
·          Warning triangle
·          First aid kit
·          Jaguar Tyre Repair System
 Powertrain and Driving Dynamics
·           6-speed electronic automatic transmission with Jaguar Sequential ShiftTM
·          JaguarDrive SelectorTM
·          JaguarDrive ControlTM with Winter Mode and Dynamic Mode
·          Adaptive Dynamics
·          Cruise Control with Automatic Speed Limiter (ASL)
·          Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
·          Electric Parking Brake (EPB) – drive-away release
·          Dynamic Stability Control (with Trac DSC mode
 Exterior Features
·          Bi-function HID Xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lights, integrated cornering lights,
·          and automatic levelling
·          LED tail lamps
·          Automatic headlamps
·          Automatic headlamp washers
·          Rain sensing windscreen wipers
·          Heated exterior mirrors with electric adjustment, power-folding with auto-powerfold on locking vehicle, auto-dimming and memory function with integrated LED side repeaters and approach lamps
·          Front and rear parking aid with Touch-screen visual indicator
·          Rear spoiler
 Interior Features                                                                                                                                      
·          Dual zone automatic climate control
·          Auto-dimming interior rear view mirror
·          Auxiliary power socket (centre console)
·          Twin cup holders
·          Front electric windows with one touch open/close and anti-trap
·          Trip computer with message centre
·          Jaguar Smart Key SystemTM with Keyless start
·          Front ashtray and lighter
·          Phosphor blue halo illumination and interior mood lighting
·          Clock in Touch-screen
·          Memory function for driver’s and passenger seat, exterior mirrors
           and steering column
Main Features of XKR-S
·          Jaguar High Performance Braking System with Red calipers
·          Revised springs, revised dampers and forged and fully machined
           front knuckle
·          Uprated Active Differential
·          Uprated Adaptive Dynamics
·          10mm ride height reduction
·          Performance Active Exhaust with quad tailpipes
·          Unique front bumper with twin nacelles, broad vertical side intakes
           and carbon fibre splitter
·          Extended side sills
·          Rear apron featuring carbon fibre diffuser
·          Unique rear wing with carbon fibre inlay
·          Performance seats with carbon and soft grain leather (16/16 way)
·          Bright stainless steel pedals
·          XKR-S tread plates
 Multimedia                                                                                                                            Optional Features – retail prices include VAT
·          Front Media Interface with AUX socket, USB and iPod connectivity
·          Windows Media Audio (WMA) and MP3 compatibility
·          Bluetooth® telephone connectivity
·          Navigation system with DVD mapping
·          7 inch colour Touch-screen display
·          Tyre pressure monitoring system – £410
·          DAB – £360


Jaguar Land Rover PR Event March 2012

Last week I had chance to attend Jaguar Land Rover’s press event to see their vehicle range. I previously heard about this event but, never had chance to attend. Hopefully, last week I managed it!
It started quite well from beginning, while I was walking down to the event I saw the camouflaged new Range Rover. Unfortunately, I was sleepy and not prepared to take a photo. Anyway, there were 24 different Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles. They provided different engine sizes in the whole range. Some of the engine option may not be seen on the streets! Such as Range Rover Supercharged! People prefer to buy diesel, instead of this petrol burner.
Being in a place with lots of cars is like being a chocolate factory when you are kid! I arrived to event as early as possible to avoid any congestion, like a kid runs to chocolate factory. And hopefully it wasn’t that crowded.
I will be writing more about the event and the car in following posts!
And I would like to thank all Land Rover and Jaguar PR team for their great hospitality.
Here is the list of the vehicles. Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover Discovery 4, Land Rover Defender, and Jaguar XF, XK, XKR, XKR-S, XJ, XJ L.
Next time, I will take better videos and more detailed photos.
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