A Cool Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon: Project Geländewagen

Coupe of weeks ago Gordon Wagener, the Chief Design Director of Mercedes-Benz, announced a brand-new G-Wagon. A collaboration with Virgil Abloh (founder of Off-White brand and artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s men wear collection). However, only one has been produced so far, with the project being named Project Gelandewagen. The car is inspired by the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG and looks fantastic.

The reason I am saying that this is a fantastic vehicle is because G63 AMG is undeniably the most pointless SUV. It has massive wheels, its engine is not fit for off-road drives, it makes too much meaningless noise and the exhaust is overexposed. I would even argue that the G63 AMG should have a different, bolder design than the traditional G-Wagon.

The Mercedes-Benz marketing team initially proposed the G-Wagon as a fashion item rather than a functional vehicle. Sure, this helped increase sales figures, but it distanced people like me from the G-Wagon. I think it’s a really good off-road vehicle which doesn’t need to offer an AMG engine. It should be something like a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon – a true off-roader!

Now Mercedes-Benz has the opportunity to offer a proper G63 AMG; it has been designed by Virgil Abloh and Gordon Wagener, LV men’s fashion director and the founder of the Off-White brand. It is only a one-off project, but I think it should be mass produced.

A bit about the vehicle itself: literally everything inside the vehicle is removed. The steering wheel is from the AMG F1, the seats are from the AMG GT, the chunky door handles are done. There’s brand new paint inside and outside. All dials are replaced with the GT racing dials. Their massive slick tyres reduce suspension height and project for the headlamps with duct tape.

This is a proper G63 AMG – I loved it, and I believe this is how it should be offered.

Images // Daimler AG


Stylish and Luxury Escape on 21 December 2012

21 December 2012, according to Mayan calendar, the world will end. Some people do believe and some people don’t. However there is one thing is obvious, everyone wants to know what will happen on 21 December 2012.

If you believe the world will end up 21 December 2012, I have some luxury and stylish tips for saving your life. I would like to start from the car, you may go for Mercedes G-Class, Toyota Land Cruiser, Range Roverand Nissan Patrol. All of these SUVs are the best of the best on off road and any type of adverse terrain.

However, I need to pick one! And I am going for Toyota Land Cruiser. Land Cruiser is one of the toughest SUV on market, it is preferred by governments, diplomats, militaries, explorers. Land Cruiser does look quite but it may not offer the same level of Range Rover luxury. But, keep in mind our main aim is to survive! So, Land Cruiser will not break down, it is capable of going over any type of obstacle and Land Cruiser has its own coolness! Land Cruiser is rare, tough and cool. And Toyota Land Cruiser is the only SUV, which is gloves friendly. All the interior is designed to be operated by gloves!

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 is powered by 4.5-lt turbo diesel engine with 286 PS of power and 650 Nm of torque with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Now what to wear on 21 December 2012! For women: The coat is Mulberry Mongolian goat hair and leather coat. It is made from goat hair and promises to keep you warm with organic materials. You can wear whatever you like inside the Mulberry coat, because it will keep you warm at any condition. The bag is Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather tote. It is big enough to accommodate many things inside, secured by the zipper. The bag should offer as much space as possible and it should be secured easily.

And for the boots, Alexander McQueen Shearling and leather ankle high heeled boots. They are matching with the Bottege Veneta bag and also the fur matches with Mulberry coat. Alexander McQueen boots offer great traction thanks to its chunky soles. And the last is the gloves, Causse Gantier Shearling gloves will match the coat and keep you warm. The rest of the collection is based on your taste.

For men: The coat Alexander McQueen Double-Breasted Shearling Coat, honestly with this coat you can start living in north pole! The bag, you need on as you will be in case of emergency, Yves Saint LaurentFull-Grain Leather Holdall Bag. This is similar to tote bag but way more masculine. For the boots, I am going to the classic Mark McNairy Timberland Chunky-SoleSuede Boots! They are not that aesthetic but they will do their job. And lastly the gloves, Mulberry Sheepskin Gloves. You can easily drive the Toyota Land Cruiser with these gloves, don’t worry!

Toyota Land Cruiser


Mulberry Mongolian goat hair and leather coat £3500
Bottege Veneta Intrecciato leather tote £2690
Alexander McQueen Shearling and leather ankle boots £1125

Causse Gantier Shearling gloves £300
Alexander McQueen Double-Breasted Shearling Coat £3995
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Chris Harris Mercedes G63 AMG Test

Chris Harris and Mercedes G63 AMG. Chris tested the new Mercedes G63 AMG and I watched the video yesterday, I know it is a bit late. As a person who loves the Mercedes G-Wagon so much and I do know that Mercedes G-Wagon does not have a responsive steering wheel, still manufactured by chassis frame, there is no sense of aero dynamics.
But G-Wagon looks amazing! I understand Chris, he compared the G63 AMG with its competitors but G-Wagon’s competitors were not even on planned production when G-Wagon was revealed. Also, G-Wagon has its own style of roughness, people do not buy G63 AMG to go around the Nürburgring faster or corner harder.
Again I agree with Chris, G63 AMG does not promising a good cornering ability, on the other hand 544 PS and 760 Nm of torque would definitely be fun to drive.
Mercedes G63 AMG is a combination of contradiction, therefore you can accelerate and off road like crazy!

Goodwood Festival of Speed: Gold Mercedes G-Wagen

Gold Mercedes G-Wagen, finally I saw this shiny interesting SUV. This is the new Mercedes G-Wagen 350 CDi model covered with 24-carat of gold. I have no idea why they did something like this but it looks interesting and catching lots of attention. 
Gold Mercedes G-Wagen is powered by a 3-lt turbo diesel engine produces 210 PS of power and 540 Nm of torque, and coupled with 7G-Tronic Plus automatic gearbox. You can have all types of safety and luxury features with this new G-Class.
However, there is one contradiction with gold G-Wagen! Why do you want a gold covered G-Wagen with a diesel engine. If you can afford covered the car with gold, I am sure you can afford to fuel the tank with petrol instead of diesel :)

And when I saw this car, I remembered the song of Amr Diab Nour Alain.


Mercedes G-Class Parking

Mercedes G-Class is the easiest car to park, why? Because G-Class has a lot of power and a lot of metal are surrounding. So, you don’t need to worry while parking the Mercedes G-Class. I think Mercedes team thought same like me and released this video. How to park with Mercedes G-Class, and hopefully you can have rear view camera and parking sensors. Is it necessary? Honestly, please buy these gadgets to avoid destroying other cars :)

Mercedes G-Class Off Road Video

Mercedes G-Class, the toughest SUV on market by Mercedes-Benz and never been changed for more than 30 years. Recently, Mercedes organised an off road event to show the capabilities of Mercedes G-Class. The hosted event was called “IRON-Schöckl”, it is basically a small mountain made by metal and on the top there is a bridge that can be moved by adjusting the weight of the Mercedes G-Class on the edges.
There is nothing wrong with Mercedes G-Class event. I noticed one thing during the video, the G-Classes that are used for the event were military-spec models. Just look carefully, you will see that the Mercedes G-Class has a different streering wheel and instrument panel. These are only available with commercial or military-spec vehicles!

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I want to see Mercedes G63 AMG

Mercedes released a new footage and photos also for G65 AMG!

New photos: Cars & Life Facebook Page

Mercedes G63 AMG photos are finally available or in other term, it is leaked to internet. G63 AMG version is relatively slower than the G65 AMG! G63 AMG will be revealed at Beijing Motor Show and will be available on June with price tag of around €140,000!

G63 AMG is powered by a 5.5-lt Twin turbo V8 petrol engine, 544 PS of power and 760 nm of torque. And creates 322g/km of CO2, and drinks around 13.8 lt/km (20.5 MPG).

G 63 AMG
5461 cc
Bore x stroke
98.0 x 90.5 mm
Compression ratio
10.0 : 1
400 kW (544 hp) at 5500 rpm
Max. torque
760 Nm at 2000–5000 rpm*
Fuel consumption, NEDC combined
13.8 l/100 km
CO2 emissions
322 g/km
Efficiency class
Acceleration 0–100 km/h
Top speed
210 km/h*

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New Mercedes G-Class

The most lunatic Mercedes G-Class has arrived, G65 AMG! This new model features a V12 petrol engine with 612 PS of power and 1000 nm of torque. And this makes it, the most powerful SUV on market. Some people may not like the G-Class, but for me it is one of the best-looking SUVs on market. With this new engine, the experience would much better.
In addition, G65 AMG provides the opportunity to experience the potential of this engine. Prior to G-Class, this engine was available only with rear-wheel drive cars and it was not quite easy to control the car and see what this engine can do.
Anyway, today Mercedes announced the face-lift the G-Class and G65 AMG is a part of it. As you would imagine this car has similar exterior design but, the interior is totally changed. It is totally a new car! The previous models always suffered from outdated interior, even though the material quality was really high, however it was not matching with other Mercedes vehicles’ interior. Finally Mercedes resolved this problem and designed the interior totally from scratch. And it looks really amazing!
This car also features, Distronic Plus, radar guided cruise control with full stop and go function, ECO start/stop function, which I found a bit senseless. This car has an aerodynamic co-efficiency of a wall, so start/stop function may not help that much. Also Parktronic for easy parking, again you don’t need worry about this! Just park to anywhere you want. A revised trail stability programme, new Hold function for steep hills, Blind Spot Assist. Gearbox is now 7G-Tronic Plus in all models. Also, it features three differential locks, low range gearbox and really tough chassis for superior off-road.
But they say anything about electrically folded exterior mirror. In previous models, this function was not available at all. And they need to offer door closing aid, as the doors are very heavy and sometimes really hard to close.
In addition, G63 AMG is also available. But I don’t see a point to buy it when you have the lunatic V12 G65 AMG :)
Overall, I would definitely buy one!
Displacement cc
kW/hp at rpm
Nm at rpm
l/100 km
CO2 g/km
G 350 BlueTEC
V6 diesel
at 3400
540 at 1600-2400
G 500
at 6000
530 at 2800-4800
G 500 Cabriolet
at 6000
530 at 2800-4800
G 63 AMG
V8 biturbo
at 5500
760 at 2000-5000
G 65 AMG
V12 biturbo
at 4300-5600
1000 at 2300-4300
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Interview with Roger Crathorne (Mr. Land Rover)

Yesterday I attended to Jaguar Land Rover’s PR Event. I had the opportunity to experience with various Jaguar and Land Rover models. However, and the most important moment was meeting up with Technical PR Manager of Land Rover, Roger Crathorne (as known as Mr. Land Rover). Roger has been working in Land Rover for 49 years; he started from the junior level and worked in different positions in Land Rover during the years. His nearly half a century of experiences made him the most experienced off-road specialist and engineer in the business. All those years, he worked as engineer for the first generation Range Rover, and developed the four-wheel drive system, transmission and drive train. Later on he was involved with the Discovery project and also took important roles during the development.
He has a well-respected experience and knowledge on four-wheel drive vehicles and currently works at PR department to explain the Land Rover’s technologies to us. You will find more details during the interview. We talked about why Land Rover never introduced front differential lock, the details of the journey from Birmingham to Geneva with the first generation Defender and 1.000.000th Discovery 4, how he perceives the contemporary SUV market and experience at Land Rover. We didn’t skip the Mercedes G-Wagon, Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6!


Cabrio Range Rover Evoque :/

Land Rover released the official photos of a cabrio version of Range Rover Evoque. They say that, it would be in production on 2014 or 2015 and no other information released regarding to this vehicle!

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the style of the vehicle. It only reminds me an up lifted version of Audi A3 cabrio. Cabrio and SUV do not match with each other that much. Therefore, there are only few cabrio SUV on market; Mercedes G-Class and Land Rover Defender!

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