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O2 Be More Dog: Cat vs. Dog | 4G

Be more Dog by O2. If you are living in UK, I am sure that you saw the latest campaign of O2, which followed the contemporary trend of cat power in digital world. The campaign is really creative and visuals are amazing. And interestingly, there are more cats than dogs in O2’s campaign.

However, the YouTube world tells something different than what O2 tells us. Here are some of the videos of Cat vs. Dog world! And you decide, do you really want to be a Dog?

The main reason for this post is my disappointed with O2 to announce that their 4G signal is not compatible with iPhone 5 and this was never mentioned clearly while we were signing the contract.

O2 UK only operates 4G connection on 800 MHz Band 20, however iPhone 5 (A1429) works only on Band of 1, 3 and 5!

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Offline Navigation for iPhone: CoPilot Live

Offline navigation app for iPhone is one of the necessary things when you use navigation all the time and suffer from the data surge. And I found one CoPilot Live. The Google Maps and Apple Maps offer navigation based on online maps, literally, you download the map whenever you use these apps. And this means, your data package shrinks!

The solution is to find an offline navigation app. There are many of them, however there is an issue. Many of the offline navigation apps are not designed to consume light space on iPhone’s memory. You install one navigation app and you download the map of UK, and it is 1 GB! A huge portion of your memory is done due to a map. And many people are not happy with this, especially if you are a heavy iPhone user.

Recently I found an app called CoPilot Live. It is a navigation app, like many others, but unlike others, the maps are really small size and nothing has been compromised for saving space. Also you are not left alone with the state-of-art Google Maps search ability. CoPilot Live offers the Google search integration. And the best part is, you can pick different types of transportation. Starting from walking, bicycle, motorcycle, van and car. Most of the navigation apps are designed only for car-based navigation and if you don’t own a car, they are quite useless. However, CoPilot live does not limit you with only car, also offer walking and other types of vehicles. The other advantage of this wide range of choice, some of the roads are not wide enough for van and in many countries bicycles has a designated lane. And also, you can switch to walking mode and start using the CoPilot Live while commuting in a train, so you can capture really high speeds :)

CoPilot Live also updates the locations of the speed cameras, and active traffic information. Nowadays, every city has a crowded traffic and many navigation apps are not quite useful when it comes to this. I have tried the CoPilot Live’s active traffic and the result was fantastic. Furthermore, you can easily add a GPS coordinate as a destination. This feature is not available in most of the navigation apps, and may be one day you may need to enter a GPS coordinate to find a destination.

And lastly, when you install CoPilot Live, you don’t have to use a printed map during your summer holiday. Because, it uses offline maps and you can find your way so easily and quickly. Of course, try to install the maps before departing to holiday country.











Solution to iPhone 5 Battery Problem | mophie Battery Pack

iPhone 5 battery problem solution. The basic solution to increase battery performance, turn-off your iPhone and you will have a really long battery life but your iPhone won’t be functioning. I am joking, don’t turn-off your iPhone, keep it working. I decided to write this post to find a solution to your endless energy problem. And I noticed when one of my friend ran out of battery because her iPhone was using the battery from every single angle. Don’t ask me who is my friend? She will get more attention than the post.
There are some solutions to improve your battery performance. I already mentioned this in my previous post and it is all around the internet! The solution on internet will improve your iPhone 5’s battery performance eventually you will run out juice in the middle somewhere or the moment you really need the battery power!
So, Apple’s state-of-art battery management and eco friendly IOS system created a new business model for other companies. This business model is the external battery packs for iPhone family and especially for the iPhone 5. And they work pretty well, I own an external battery supply for my previous iPhone 4 and present iPhone 5. 
You buy a mobile phone with a battery inside and you buy another battery again! Sounds a bit like a business loop but you don’t have any other chance than buying an external energy resource. I am using mophie brand and quite happy with it. I know mophie is more expensive than its competitors but when it comes to battery, you need to buy the best one. Because, external battery packs need to have fail safe systems to prevent any disaster to happen while charging or battery pack is not in use. Therefore, don’t go for cheap and cry for your iPhone.
Here are the all ranges of mophie battery packs for iPhone 5. I am currently using the case. It makes the iPhone bulky and thick but you can easily place the iPhone into your packet. The other options are not that ergonomic for men, unless you carry a bag! The rest of the external battery packs are quite useful but you really need an extra place to put that battery pack!

mophie Juice Pack Helium Battery Case

mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo External Battery

mophie Juice Pack Powerstation External Battery

mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Mini External Battery

mophie Juice Pack Powerstation PRO

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How to Improve The Battery Performance of iPhone?

How to improve the battery performance of iPhone? There are many articles about this, so I am not going to discuss about this issue with many paragraphs. I would like to share my ways to improve the batter performance of iPhone.
First way is to switching of Auto-Brightness. Auto-Brightness function manipulates the level of brightness according to the light level on that particular environment. However, iPhone never thinks about the battery life whist adjusting the brightness. And in many situations, iPhone adjusts the brightness to maximum while your battery was struggling to survive. Just switch of the Auto-Brightness and adjust manually.
Second one is the notorious GPS or location services. iPhone loves to use GPS service for anything, even for the simplest things, such as adjusting the time. That’s how many people experience battery issues with iPhone. In order to check what iPhone is doing with the GPS or location services.  Find the Privacy menu on the Settings, and then scroll down to System Services. Here you will find the battery eaters and turn off everything except Compass Calibration and Mobile Network Search, the rest is literally useless. Again scroll down the menu and find Status Bar Icon, turn on. By this way, if anyone app uses the GPS or location services, you will see an arrow next to battery level. 
When you notice an app uses the GPS constantly, find the Privacy menu and touch Locations Services. Now just scroll down for the app, which has a pink arrow. This means, that app is using the GPS and eating your battery. Just turn it off :)
These tactics apply iPod Touch, iPad, and iPad Mini



GPS / Location Services

GPS / Location Services

GPS / Location Services

GPS / Location Services

Montblanc iPhone 5 Case with New Colours

New Montblanc iPhone 5 case with new colours. If you didn’t fancy that much with the colour of Montblanc iPhone 5 case, here are more alternative. Unlike Apple’s two-tone colour strategy, Montblanc extended the range of the colour scheme As usual, Montblanc used high quality leather and microfiber lining.

The colour scheme of the Montblanc matches with this seasons colours, so you may buy different colours and match with your style.

Nude Sand £120
Copper Orange £120
Quarry Gray £120
Brickstone Red £120
Azure Blue £120
Deepsea Blue £120
Toasted Yellow £120
Jet Black £120
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How to Hack New Mercedes S-Class | Driverless Car

How to hack new Mercedes S-Class. Sounds a bit stupid, honestly really stupid. However, automotive industry now relies on software more than ever. The new Mercedes S-Class offers state-of-art pre safety and comfort technologies based on software and hardware. Literally, the new S-Class can detect everything on the road and capable of making necessary decisions to prevent a potential crash. All these technologies rely on software.
And Mercedes recently mention that the new S-Class is capable of driving by itself. However the existing regulation does not allow a car to be driven by itself. They also emphasise that, the facelift S-Class around 2017 may feature this technology, a car drives by itself. Moreover, the new S-Class can also drive by itself but software does not allow this, as a result of the regulations. Basically, similar to iPhone jailbreak, in couple of years time we may see jailbreak Mercedes S-Class that are capable of driving by their self. 
Mercedes said, new S-Class has the technology but law does not permit. So, the only limit is the software!
Don’t worry it won’t be like iPhone, because S-Class is ridiculously expensive. In order to jailbreak the S-Class, you need to buy one and risk it! And this is quite impossible!
Do not try at home and blame me :)

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How to Date With Kate Upton? | Mission Impossible

How to date with Kate Upton? That’s more important life on Mars, new Apple iPhone 6 or what will happen in Cern! Honestly, who cares those things. We will see the aliens one day, iPhone 6 will be available next year or may be this year, and lots of things going-on at Cern.
But we have no idea how to date with Kate Upton! And I did an extensive, intensive and comprehensive research for this question. The answer is here. You became a celebrity, work with a brand and that brand will work with Kate Upton, then you will propose a love scenario for a viral video and latter you will date with Kate Upton on an advertisement. Literally, it is impossible to date with Kate Upton or mission impossible!
The next two videos proof my findings. But still there is always a chance, even there is a chance to hit by a meteor. 

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How Can I Show My Number Instead of My Email on iMessage! I Want to See My Number!

How can I show my number instead of my email on iMessage! This is quite common problem since the Apple introduced the iMessage technology compete with WhatsApp and Blackberry Messenger. 
The structure was very simple, you can use iMessage by both mobile number and email address at the same time, however things did not end up that simple. We started to receive text messages with email address instead of mobile phone numbers into our iPhones! As a result of this, we tried to guess that person based on the email address.
So how to solve this problem? Literally, I want to show my mobile number instead of my email address!
Do this from your iPhone not from other devices to avoid things go worse.
1. Press Home Button (The circle button) to switch Home Screen where the Settings icon is present.
2. Touch Settings button.
3. Scroll down and find Messages and touch it.
4. Scroll down and find Send & Receive and touch it.
5. Find Start New Conversations From and touch to your mobile number.
6. If you cannot see your mobile number or cannot change the settings, go back to step 3.
7. Now turn off the iMessage by touching On and now touch Off.
8. This process restarts the iMessage and go back to Step 4.
When you see the tick next to your mobile number, your mobile number will appear on iMesssage instead of your email address. 
If you cannot see your mobile number or the Start New Conversations From section, just turn off and on your iPhone.

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nokia Lumia 920

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nokia Lumia 920, the most search product review on this planet. And the result? Honestly, they are more or less the same thing. They all share on thing in common, they are too fragile to be a mobile phone like old days.
Here is a great advertisement from Nokia. I would never go back to Nokia but, that’s a really nice advertisement telling the ugly truth of mobile phone fighting.

Pong Research iPhone 5 Case: Reduces Radiation

Pong Research iPhone 5 case is the only iPhone case that can reduce EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) level. EMR is created by the mobile devices whilst communication and we are exposed to it. Pong Research developed a case that features another antenna, which reduces the EMR radiation safely. Moreover, this second antenna improves the battery life and reception level as well.

I already have the Pong case for iPhone 4 and with the new case for iPhone 5, there is a serious improvement on the technology packed inside the case. Pong’s iPhone 5 case provided me extra half a day with same level of usage. Actually, one day I had the two wholes days with a single charge in an iPhone 5.

This sounds really outstanding! I really was not expecting even half a day battery life improvement but I experience more than that! And in some extreme conditions like inside a lift, I had a single bar of signal. Don’t expect to have a full coverage with this case inside a lift, but one bar is better than nothing.

The only thing, I can criticise is the thickness of the case. Pong case is not super thin like other cases, because there is a second antenna inside that thick layer. Therefore, I cannot say this is an adverse side of the case. Existing technology cannot keep this case slimmer, but I am sure Pong will improve the case in future models.