Bulgari Wrist Watch Collection

A few months ago, I had the chance to attend to the Bulgari’s press day for their latest wristwatch collection. I am not an expert on wristwatches, but I like the engineering behind the watches, especially the automatics ones. For some people, watches only show the time, but the process of showing accuracy at any time takes serious engineering. Nowadays, you can overcome this issue by a quartz movement that you can find anywhere. However, quartz watches are not truly a watch. They are an affordable alternative to automatic watches.

Bulgari has harmonised Greek and Italian DNA into its design philosophy with their latest collection. Also, this is coupled with the engineering background. Although automatic watches are an older technology, they are evolving all the time.

It was my first pure wristwatch press day, and I did my best to get the photos, but it was really hard!

Bulgari Watches 1

Bulgari Watches 20

Bulgari Watches 25

Bulgari Watches 26

Bulgari Watches 29

Bulgari Watches 32

Bulgari Watches 35

Bulgari Watches 36

Bulgari Watches 38

Bulgari Watches 41

Bulgari Watches 47


Tamar Roxx: Models from Autosport International 2016

Like the previous years, I spotted one of my most favourite models at Autosport International Tamar Roxx! As you usual, she expressed her sense of humour like the previous years. Don’t forget to check out her Facebook page (

Tamar Roxx Autosport 2016 1 Tamar Roxx Autosport 2016 3 Tamar Roxx Autosport 2016 4 Tamar Roxx Autosport 2016 5 Tamar Roxx Autosport 2016 8 Tamar Roxx Autosport 2016 9 Tamar Roxx Autosport 2016 10Tamar Roxx Autosport 2016 2


The Orchid Man by Frapin

The Orchid Man is the tenth fragrance by Frapin. You are probably wondering why Frapin branded the fragrance The Orchid Man. The branding was inspired by Georges Carpenteir, a boxer! Georges has a unique history.

During the 1920s, Georges decided to move to Hollywood from Paris and experience the glorious life of the American dream until the 1929 Wall Street crash. Then, he went back to Paris and opened his first cocktail bar.

Eventually, Frapin turned this story into a perfume. David Frossard, who is an expert on boxing, developed this fresh, elegant, powerful, and virile perfume.

The Orchid Man by Frapin The Orchid Man by Frapin The Orchid Man by Frapin The Orchid Man by Frapin The Orchid Man by Frapin The Orchid Man by Frapin The Orchid Man by Frapin The Orchid Man by Frapin The Orchid Man by Frapin The Orchid Man by Frapin The Orchid Man by Frapin


TAG Heuer at Autosport International 2016

At Autosport International 2016 in NEC, Birmingham, there was an outstanding brand, Tag Heuer! It is nearly impossible to dissemble the Tag Heuer from motorsports, even though Rolex is the official time keeper for Formula 1. Despite this ugly truth, Tag Heuer is still very heavily working with the motorsport.

This year, I had the chance to visit their stand at Autosport and experience their heritage chronometers. Unfortunately, they are not used anymore. Today’s technology can calculate each lap more accurately than the traditional chronometers. It was still good to see how time keeping has evolved in motorsports.

Tag Heuer Autosport International 2016 Tag Heuer Autosport International 2016 Tag Heuer Autosport International 2016 Tag Heuer Autosport International 2016 Tag Heuer Autosport International 2016 Tag Heuer Autosport International 2016 Tag Heuer Autosport International 2016


Apple iPhone 6s Charger Review

My review of the Apple iPhone 6s charger—you should buy one. This charger is a milestone for Apple; for the first time they officially admit that their battery performance is not that great. Basically, an iPhone is thirstier than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

The unstoppable desire to use our iPhones all the time has resulted in the emergence of the iPhone battery case business. As you would expect, most of them are plastic and literally ugly. Even the pretty ones were not cool and were ruining the iPhone’s design experience. In addition, they were making your iPhone the most un-ergonomic device on planet.

As Apple was losing market share from the battery case, and they couldn’t find a better solution, they decided to release the iPhone 6s battery case, and it is amazing.

It does look a bit awkward, but the bump of the case fits your palm perfectly. You have the lighting connector at the bottom of the case. It is very easy to flip in and out of your iPhone. IOS integration of the case shows the existing battery level (Case has an 1875 mAh battery). It does not make your iPhone very heavy, and lastly, it does look cool and fashionable. Unlike other brands, Apple managed to make a good looking battery case, and that’s why I was excited to own one.

If you need more battery power, go buy one.

iPhone 6s Charger iPhone 6s Charger iPhone 6s Charger iPhone 6s Charger


Review: Sherpa | Trouble on Everest Movie

Sherpa | Trouble on Everest movie. I was thinking how extremely hard it is to achieve this journey by people, as they claim they climbed the mountain.

When I watched the movie Sherpa, we see the reality behind climbing Everest, such as the real people behind the journey, who help climbers reach the peak of the Everest. The tour operators, climbers, and the Sherpa. Sherpa is named for the people who guide climbers to reach the peak of the Everest. Each climber should be escorted with a Sherpa. However, Sherpas don’t make a lot of money, and they experience very tough working conditions. Unfortunately, the climbers are also not very friendly with them.

This movie shows us the what is really happening behind the climbing experience that does not appear on the news. The emotional impact of the tragic accident that killed 16 people is expressed perfectly. You feel the disappointment of the climbers, the panic of the tour operators and what Sherpas experienced after the accident and how they defended their rights.

Sherpa Trouble on Everest is a must-see movie to see reality beyond our modern life.

Official website:

Sherpa (2015) Official Trailer from Felix Media on Vimeo.


2000th Post

My 2000th blog post. This is only a number but it represents my last six years of blogging experience. Memories of fun, memories of hope, memories of ups and downs. And the most important, passion and trying to improve the experience.

I started to blog on 18th December, 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey. I never thought that, I will understand the number of a digital camera and will never ever use a DSLR. All these blogging experience brought me into this new world. I experienced the world moving from printed press to digital experience. Sometimes, I had more clicks than a printed a magazine!

Basically, I learned many things by blogging.


Christmas Gift Idea: A Sicilian Dream Movie

Did you need Christmas gift ideas, and you ended up on my blog? You are probably expecting to see a Rolls-Royce Dawn and a Hermes Apple Watch on this list. However, I would recommend a great movie for this Christmas! It is A Sicilian Dream.

It is a great documentary about the Targa Florio race in Sicilia. If you like cars and racing, this is a great Christmas gift! If you like documentaries, this is a great one. If you neither like cars nor documentaries but want to give a unique present, this is it!

A Sicilian Dream Movie


Latest Kate Upton Video on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

It has been quite a long time since last time I wrote about Kate Upton. A few days ago, I discovered a new video of Kate Upton on YouTube on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and here it is! In case you are wondering, the previous video of the Tonight Show is here as well!

I know you will ignore the article, so I have kept it short.

Photo by Brad Barket/Invision/AP


The Mondaine Apple Watch Face

The Mondaine Apple Watch face. Unfortunately, I did not receive an email from Apple stating the there is a new watch face from the Swiss watch manufacturer Mondaine. The reason, I am writing this post is to express my feelings and expectations regarding having a Mondaine watch face on the Apple Watch.

What is so special about Mondaine? It is the company that manufacturers the iconic Swiss rail watches. You might have seen the wristwatch edition as well. Yes, they do make wristwatches with the same design philosophy as the rail watches.

The most special watch from Mondaine is the Stop2go watch. It has a very similar system to Swiss rail watches. The second arm completes a full circle in 58 seconds and waits at 12 for two seconds. The reason for this is that each Swiss rail watch is synchronised every minute, and in order to apply this process, each Swiss rail watch waits two seconds at the 12 for a signal from the control room.

Unfortunately, the Stop2go cannot receive a signal from the control room, but if Mondaine introduces a watch face for the Apple Watch that is the same as the Stop2go, it will be an amazing experience!

Mondaine Stop2Go1 Mondaine Stop2Go2 Mondaine Stop2Go3 Mondaine Stop2Go4